Top 25 scoring fantasy football players through 13 weeks

It’s been 13 weeks since the season started and four since my last posting of the top 25 fantasy football players in the game. As I mentioned last time, this is a list of the top fantasy football scorers so far this season, based on a non-PPR league that Matt and I are in, which follows near-standard scoring rules…

Note: The number in parenthesis is the ranking of the player after week 9.

1 (4). Drew Brees, QB, Saints: Brees has been a yardage and touchdown machine this year, even with his top receiver from last season (Marques Colston) out for a bit. I’m sure he helped many a team into the playoffs this season.
2 (3). Kurt Warner, QB, Cardinals: Warner’s stats were pretty close to Brees’ and while he did throw less interceptions, he fumbled the ball a lot more. However, I’m sure he’s on a lot of playoff bound team’s rosters.
3 (5). Aaron Rodgers, QB, Packers: Packers fans can’t complain about the production they got out of the quarterback after Favre’s departure and they should be happy that they won’t have to worry about the position for another decade or so.
4 (6). Jay Cutler, QB, Broncos: While I was expecting a bit more out of his “favorite” receiver Brandon Marshall, Cutler has been all that fantasy owners could have wished for.
5 (1). Philip Rivers, QB, Chargers: He’s dropped off a bit over the past few weeks, but you can’t really complain considering the receivers he’s passing to.
6 (-). Thomas Jones, RB, Jets: Talk about a fantasy explosion! T-Jones went from being unranked a few weeks ago to being your top running back in the fantasy world going into the playoffs.
7 (14). Michael Turner, RB, Falcons: Think there’s a running back out there that’s happier to have left their former team than Turner “the Burner.”
8 (9). Adrian Peterson, RB, Vikings: LT? Addai? Steven Jackson? Brian Westbrook (besides week 13)? Peterson has been the only top five draft pick to live up to his hype this year and is your next season’s consensus top pick for sure.
9 (13). Matt Forte, RB, Bears: What a performance from the rookie this season. After a few seasons of experimentation, it looks like the Bears have the running back situation squared away for years to come.
10 (-). DeAngelo Williams: Williams must have been insulted by the drafting of Jonathan Stewart, because he’s been a man on a mission this season.
11 (8). Donovan McNabb, QB, Eagles: Andy Reid must not have looked at this list before he decided to sit McNabb for a half two weeks ago.
12 (2): Clinton Portis, RB, Redskins: Portis may have gotten you to the playoffs, but he’ll be hard pressed to help you out that much over the next few weeks with injury and general wear ‘n tear from a ton of rush attempts.
13 (10). Peyton Manning, QB, Colts: Not quite what you probably expected, but you can’t complain all that much given the worries about his injury coming into the season…plus he’ll be playing his ass off as his team fights for a wild card spot.
14 (15). Tony Romo, QB, Cowboys: Even with a few missed games, Romo still makes the top 15 fantasy scorers this season.
15 (17). Eli Manning, QB, Giants: It sickens me to see both Manning brothers on this list.
16 (7). Marion Barber, RB, Cowboys: The Barbarian has put up some solid numbers in the receiving game to make up for his slightly less-than-expected stats in the running game.
17 (-). Matt Cassel, QB, Patriots: Well, that top pick of Tom Brady didn’t work out as expected, as he only got you 17th ranked stats this year…oh wait, Matt Cassel put up those numbers?! Two 400+ yard games helped him fly up the charts over the past few weeks.
18 (18): Brandon Jacobs, RB, Giants: He’s been slowed a bit the past few weeks, but still a solid effort from the big man this year.
19 (16). Brett Favre, QB, Jets: While he hasn’t put up Aaron Rodgers numbers, he has brought back to life the running game and has made the Jets a much better team this year.
20 (-). Steve Slaton, RB, Texans: Matt Forte-lite has put up great numbers and his performance last night on Monday Night Football helped him crack the top 25.
21 (11): Frank Gore, RB, 49ers: Some of the least exciting fantasy points on the list.
22 (12). Chris Johnson, RB, Titans: One half of the Titans thunder and lightning combo…and yet another rookie running back tearing it up this year.
23 (-). Anquan Boldin, WR, Cardinals: One of only two wide receivers to make the list…and one of only two Cardinals receivers to make the list. Boldin gets more of the touchdowns, while more of the yards go to…
24 (22): Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Cardinals: I wonder what Detroit thinks of the production Arizona has gotten out of their drafted wide receivers?
25 (-): Maurice Jones-Drew, RB, Jaguars: For a team and running game that were so disappointing this year, MJD still made the top 25, so it’s not all bad I guess.
Dropped off: Andre Johnson, WR, Texans; Santana Moss, WR, Redskins; Roddy White, WR, Falcons; Matt Schaub, QB, Falcons; Ronnie Brown, RB, Dolphins; Kyle Orton, QB, Bears

As we get late into the season, it seems that in most formats, wide receivers on the top 25 in fantasy points are hard to come by, so I figured I’d list the rest of the top 10 receivers just because it’s interesting…

3. Greg Jennings, Packers
4. Roddy White, Falcons
5. Andre Johnson, Texans
6. Calvin Johnson, Lions
7. Randy Moss, Patriots
8. Steve Smith, Panthers
9. Terrell Owens, Cowboys
10. Lance Moore, Saints

So there you have it, the top 25 fantasy players…how many of them are on your team?