Guest Post: Week 16 QB Fantasy Football Rankings

Editors’ note: The following post was written by a guest blogger, Josh from Pro Football 101.

Must Starts

1. Peyton Manning vs. Jacksonville Jaguars. As long as the AFC East teams keep winning, the Colts must do so, too. At least for one more week. And there’s nothing that Peyton and his teammates want more than to bury their rival in the process. Look for a big effort on Thursday night and at least 250 yards and 2TDs. Great fantasy start.

2. Drew Brees vs. Detroit Lions. The Lions are just two games away from immortality, and one thing we know about them is that if they are going to pull off a win during the season, it won’t be because of their defense. Look for Brees to go gangbusters in this one and locate Colston, Moore, and Shockey throughout the game.

3. Matt Cassel vs. Arizona Cardinals. Tarvaris Jackson just tossed four TDs against the Cardinals in the desert; I can’t imagine what Cassel will do. Arizona is very vulnerable against the pass and right now Moss and Welker are just having their way with defensive backs. Look for that to continue on Sunday.

4. Kurt Warner vs. New England Patriots. Regardless of whatever wrinkle Belichick will have in store for Warner and this offense, Warner will get his yards and TDs passing against an injury depleted defense. Unless it’s a cold, windy day in Foxborough, count on No. 13 eclipsing the 250-yard mark and putting at least two into the end zone.


1. Dan Orlovsky vs. New Orleans Saints. Orlovsky has actually performed admirably in his starts this season. On Sunday vs. the Colts, he eclipsed the 225 yard mark and put a ball into the end zone.

That TD is pretty automatic though when you have a receiver named Calvin Johnson. Look for the QB to hook up with Johnson once again for one or two scores and and for Orlovsky to eclipse the 200-yard mark for the second consecutive game.

2. Chad Pennington vs. Kansas City Chiefs. Pennington is hardly a must start in fantasy football, but he has quietly had a solid year for the Fins. And the Chiefs, well they can’t stop anyone. Look for Pennington to have a solid game in Kansas City and for his Fins to force a crucial do or die game in New York the following week.

Others I like

1. Matt Schaub vs. Oakland Raiders. I used to champion the Raiders secondary, but after getting torched by Phillip Rivers for three TDs and again Sunday for four TDs by Cassel, I just can’t do it anymore.

And Schaub and Johnson are en fuego. Look for Schaub to continue his hot hand as the Texans continue to play towards their first winning season in franchise history.

2. Brett Favre vs. Seattle Seahawks. This is most likely Favre’s final football game against Holmgren. And this time it’s probably true as Holmgren has stated that he’s stepping away for at least one year.

The Seahawks haven’t stopped anybody of late and don’t expect that to change this Sunday. The Jets, while inconsistent, should be able to move the ball with ease through the air.

3. Shaun Hill vs. St. Louis Rams. Shaun Hill has been playing well since becoming the starter and look for that to continue when the team heads to St. Louis on Sunday. Without a strong pass rush or pass coverage, the Rams are vulnerable in a lot of ways. And we think Hill will have ample time to target Bruce, Hill, and Davis in what should be a solid fantasy day.