Latest news from free agency

After taking a much needed break from the fantasy football world, all this recent talk of impact players finding new homes has got a thrill going up my leg and forced me to make my glorious return. As you are probably very aware, the free agency period in the NFL has begun and I figured it was time to put up a post summarizing the latest in who-went-where news:

  • Kellen Winslow, TE traded to Tampa Bay: It was pretty obvious that last season would be the last in the storied relationship between Winslow and the Browns, so now it’ll be the Buccaneers turn to see if they can control Kellen Winslow and his ego/bad habits. How this move will turn out in terms of fantasy production is a huge question mark right now, primarily because there is no real stability at the quarterback position. With the correct quarterback, Winslow is top three talent at the position, but if I was drafting now, he’d slide down quite a bit on the cheat sheet…but that’s why we don’t draft a fantasy team in February!
  • Correll Buckhalter, RB signed by Denver: After one of the most painful (literally) seasons of all-time at the running back position (Selvin Young, Michael Pittman, Andre Hall, Peyton Hillis, Ryan Torain…all injured), the Broncos are rapidly searching for more bodies to throw into the meat grinder and Buckhalter is the first man to sign up for the job. I have no idea how this preseason will play out for Denver in terms of their depth chart at tailback, but I envision Correll Buckhalter and Peyton Hillis being the front-runners to get the bulk of the carries as long as their healthy, which could mean some solid fantasy production on a week-to-week basis.
  • Fred Taylor, RB signed by New England: If last year was any indication, it’s looking like the Patriots running game will be another head-scratcher for any fantasy managers looking to grab one of the many running backs on their roster. Taylor adds some experience and leadership to this rag-tag group, but I can’t imagine he has too much fantasy impact unless Sammy Morris or Laurence Maroney get hurt (or Maroney is traded?)
  • Sage Rosenfels, QB traded to Minnesota: The Vikings have been a good quarterback away from the Superbowl for over a year now…but is Rosenfels really the guy to get them over the hump? No. If Minnesota enters this season with Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels and even Gus Frerotte on the roster, chalk this season up as another disappointment come playoffs time. Vikings brass should be looking long and hard at available signal callers Matt Cassel and Jeff Garcia if they really want to win now.

Other moves (possibly) coming soon:

  • J.J. Arrington, RB to Denver? Continuing with their quest to acquire every mediocre running back in the world, it appears the Broncos are putting the finishing touches on an acquisition of the ex-Cardinals running back. I only see this having fantasy impact if both Buckhalter and Peyton Hillis go down with injury.
  • T.J. Houshmandzadeh, WR to Seattle? It’s still a bit too early, but Housh paid the Seahawks a visit recently and would make a huge target for Matt Hasselbeck, especially lined up alongside a healthy Deion Branch and Bobby Engram.

Finally, other news that had me slightly baffled:

  • Mike Vrabel, LB to Kansas City: I know the Patriots line-backing corps was getting old and they were looking to revamp the position, but it was not Vrabel I expected to be dispatched first. He is approaching 35 years of age, but he was a team leader on the defense and will be tough to replace right away.