Housh's a Hawk. Now to figure out where that puts him.

Now that we know T.J. Houshmandzadeh (whose name I can just now finally spell from memory) is officially headed to Seattle, I’m trying to figure out where to move him on my cheat sheet. Given that he’ll be 32 around the start of next season, he’s obviously someone to approach with caution in keeper leagues, but for redraft purposes, I’m probably even more enthusiastic about him than most.

This isn’t the most exciting fantasy situation he could have landed in, but it’s far from the worst. Housh will be Bobby Engram on steroids (er… you know what I mean). He’ll catch a hundred passes and get a ton of red-zone looks.

The only wideouts I can say for sure that I like more than Housh at this point are Larry Fitzgerald, Andre Johnson, Randy Moss, and Steve Smith. After that, a lot will depend on the draft and the preseason, but I think it’s safe to say that he’ll fall in the top ten for me.