Quarterback rankings for 2009

Here are our quarterback rankings for this season. Don’t forget to check out the rest of our cheat sheets here.

  1. Tom Brady, NE – He looked great this past weekend and seems to have no lingering issues from the shoulder injury. Draft him with confidence and watch attempt to break the records again.
  2. Drew Brees, NO – Brees tops a lot of other site’s quarterback rankings, but maybe it’s a little Patriots-bias that puts him in the #2 spot on my list.
  3. Peyton Manning, IND – He’s still Peyton Manning and he’s still got Reggie Wayne (and others.)
  4. Philip Rivers, SD – Decent receivers, pass-catching tailbacks and Antonio Gates make for a lot of targets.
  5. Kurt Warner, ARI – As long as he remains healthy, he’s throwing to a pair of Pro-Bowlers (unless Anquan Boldin gets shipped out of town) and will continue to put up solid stats.
  6. Aaron Rodgers, GB – He’s got a great target to throw to in Greg Jennings.
  7. Donovan McNabb, PHI – Wide receivers still somewhat suspect, but McNabb will make the most with what he has.
  8. Matt Schaub, HOU – He gets the joy of throwing to Andre Johnson…one of the best receivers in the NFL.
  9. Tony Romo, DAL – DOWNGRADE! Roy Williams has been a disappointment so far and the rest of the receiving corps worries me.
  10. Matt Ryan, ATL – He’s primed for another solid year throwing to Roddy White and crew.
  11. Jay Cutler, CHI – His main target is a reformed kick returner, but I have enough faith in Cutler’s abilities to believe he can get it done with anyone running routes.
  12. Matt Hasselbeck, SEA – If Deion Branch stays healthy and Nate Burleson plays half-way decent, the addition of T.J. Houshmandzadeh makes this one of the better receiving corps in the NFL.
  13. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT
  14. Eli Manning, NYG – Will be interesting to see who he throws to without Plaxico.
  15. David Garrard, JAX – Addition of Torry Holt should make passing game a bit more consistent.
  16. Carson Palmer, CIN – As long as he’s healthy, I think he can put up some solid numbers this season.
  17. Kyle Orton, DEN – Brandon Marshall seems to be a lost cause at this point, so let’s hope Eddie Royal can step up and fill the void.
  18. Trent Edwards, BUF – T.O. already has a bum toe. No T.O. = same old bad stats for Edwards.
  19. Brett Favre – UPGRADE! Looked good in week 3 of the preseason and should be helped dramatically by the awesome running game the Vikings have.
  20. Chad Pennington, MIA – I’m thinking he’ll get you 200 yards and a touchdown each week…but don’t expect any more than that.
  21. Shaun Hill, SF – Crabtree is doing his best to make sure Hill doesn’t move up this list any more.
  22. Joe Flacco, BAL – He put up better than expected numbers as a rookie and on a team that primarily runs the ball. I expect him to improve a bit this year.
  23. Jake Delhomme, CAR – Jekyll and Hyde…who will you get from week-to-week?
  24. Matt Cassel, KC – Starting to hear some scary rumors out of Kansas City…like Cassel might be competing for the starting job?!
  25. Byron Leftwich, TB – UPGRADE! Leftwich will start the season for the Bucs and moves up the list a bit with the announcement.
  26. Jason Campbell, WAS
  27. Marc Bulger, STL – Funny to think that once I bought a Bulger t-shirt because he was my favorite fantasy football quarterback for a few years…
  28. Kerry Collins, TEN – Collins won’t lose you points, but he won’t get you a whole lot either with the running game the Titans have.
  29. Brady Quinn, CLE – Team seems to be starting to lean Quinn’s way. He is getting paid starting quarterback money anyways, right?
  30. JaMarcus Russell, OAK – They got the fastest receiver in the draft, but I’m not sure that’s going to solve all the team’s passing-game problems.
  31. Mark Sanchez, NYJ – The rookie seems to have won the starting quarterback spot already, but needs to prove himself to move up.
  32. Daunte Culpepper, DET – Still a toss up between Culpepper and Stafford for the starting gig…
  33. Matthew Stafford, DET – If he wins the starting job, he could have some value throwing to Calvin “Megatron” Johnson
  34. Michael Vick, PHI – Looks like he’s definitely going to see some kind of action with the Eagles this season, although I don’t see him ever being the starting quarterback in Philly unless McNabb goes down and Vick has earned the backup QB role by then.
  35. Vince Young, TEN – He’s giving it all he’s got to win the starting job this season.
  36. Derek Anderson, CLE – I could be completely wrong about Quinn, but I’m not drafting either of them right now…especially not Anderson.
  37. Pat White, MIA – He’ll get some reps with the Wildcat offense for sure, but he won’t be all that useful unless he wins the starting gig.
  38. Tarvaris Jackson, MIN – Only on the list in case he wins the starting job. Don’t draft him.
  39. Sage Rosenfels, MIN – Looks like Rosenfels will be holding a clipboard this year…I bet he’s glad he signed with the Vikings now!
  40. Matt Leinart, ARI – If you have Warner, Leinart should be a hand-cuff. I’m not ready to completely write him off as a bust yet…
  41. Alex Smith, SF – The former top pick is fighting to be the starter, but I’m assuming he’ll lose the battle to Hill.
  42. Jeff Garcia, OAK – He’s hurt now, but if Russell struggles early in the season, Garcia might get a chance to make some starts.
  43. Jon Kitna, DAL – Somewhere I saw some crazy rumor that some Cowboys fans wanted Kitna to start over Romo…anyone else see that?
  44. Luke McCown, TB – He’ll need a Leftwich meltdown to get some starts at this point.
  45. Josh Freeman, TB – The rookie has good size and athleticism and could be used in other ways than quaterback to begin with, but preseason struggles means he probably won’t be the starting QB for some time.