Ask the Geeks: Perplexed by the flex spot

Atg ButtonThis week in our Ask the Geeks post we take a look at the flex spot and who makes a good play:

Paul asks: Hey Guys a quick ? for you, just finished draft I took Josh Morgan (Flex) to go along with Colston, V. Jackson, R. Williams and S Moss. Jamaal Charles and Donald Brown are still available. Should I add one of those 2 running backs and ditch one of the receivers? Thanks for your help and advice. have a good season

Brandon’s take: Paul, you seem to have a pretty solid group of receivers there. Are you starting Marques Colston as a WR or do you have that spot filled and you’re considering him for the flex spot? Either way, unless you’re really struggling for running back depth, I’d leave your roster the way it is for now. Donald Brown will get a decent amount of carries for Indy this season, but if you already have some decent running backs, you might not want to drop one of your spare receivers for him. Let us know some more details and we can help more hopefully.

Cody asks: in a wr/rb slot i dont know who to play….desean jackson, bernard berrian, larry johnson, joseph addai and darren sproles…HELP me out please

Brandon’s take: You have a pretty decent group of options there for a WR/RB flex spot Cody and who you start depends on the league scoring. If you are in a league that awards points per reception, I’d lean towards DeSean Jackson or Bernard Berrian (if he’s healthy.) I’d wait to see how Sproles is used in relief of Tomlinson before you plug him in, but any of the other guys makes a solid option in that spot. If I had to pick one though, I’d say go with Jackson for week one, as I think he’s going to play a big part in the Eagles passing game this season and should have a good game against the Panthers.