Ask the Geeks: What to do with the #2 pick?

Atg ButtonIn case you’re not familiar with our site, throughout the year we answer any fantasy football related questions you may have in our weekly (or bi-weekly, depending on how many we get) “Ask the Geeks” feature. Questions can range from who to start, who to pick up off waivers, when will Brett Favre sign with the Vikings, or anything else you can dream up that may help your fantasy team climb to the top of the standings. So without further ado, let’s get into the first question(s) of the season, a question regarding the #2 pick in the draft:

E-Roc asks: Gentlemen, my 2009 FF season has officially started with the unveiling of my league’s draft order. I have the #2 pick in this year’s draft. Any suggestions? My guess is the #1 will pick AP… then I’m going to chug a beer and throw a dart at a page with 5-10 names on it. We have a very QB-friendly-scoring league which leads me to wanting to draft Drew Brees or Tom Brady (yes, I’m a believer).

On a side-note, can you guys remember the last time a franchise QB (i.e. Jay Cutler) was traded in the middle of his prime? Sounds like a question for the Stump the Schwab on ESPN.

Brandon’s take: Hey E-Roc, welcome back! Hopefully last season turned out all right for your team(s) and hopefully this season goes even better if you didn’t manage to win your league. Anyway, if you hadn’t mentioned that your league was a “very QB-friendly-scoring league”, I would say that Falcons running back Michael Turner was a no-brainer. However, if your league rewards heavily for the quarterback position and you have the #2 pick, that means you’re going to see a lot of them drafted before you get your next pick (assuming you use the standard snake-draft format.) You might let us know the exact scoring that makes it so quarterback-friendly, but if it really is, then go with Tom Brady (he’s at the top of my quarterback rankings right now!) Matt will most likely recommend Drew Brees and I won’t argue too much against him either, as I think they’ll both have great seasons.

In terms of your question about a franchise QB being dealt in the middle of his prime, I can’t actually remember a one of Cutler’s caliber being traded while possibly approaching the best years of his career. The Schwab is much older than me though, so he’d probably have a better memory of quarterbacks from years past. All I know is that Cutler better put up good numbers with the receivers he’s got in Chicago though, otherwise we may forget how promising he looked in Denver when he had Brandon Marshall and Eddie Royal to throw the ball to before he forced his way out of town.

Matt’s take: I’ve actually got the #2 pick in one league this year, and I feel your pain. I’m not as smitten by Turner as Brandon; he’s one of three guys I’m considering taking in that spot (or would be if it wasn’t a keeper league, with Turner being kept by someone else). I think an argument can be made for Maurice Jones-Drew as the #1 overall pick, so obviously I’d consider him at #2; in fact, he’s who I’d take if the draft were today. The other guy I’d look at is Matt Forte, who’s about as complete a package as you could possibly want in an RB1, and a good bet to be the most consistent weekly contributor in fantasy football this season.

As for a trade bigger than the Cutler deal, remember when the Oilers traded Warren Moon to the Vikings after he led them to a 12-4 season and a division title in ’93? Then he spent the next two seasons throwing for a total of 8,500 yards and 51 touchdowns? That was bigger. (An aside: I’m super excited to add a warren moon tag to this post.)