Yahoo! fantasy football apps launching on September 8

A tweet from YahooFootball just now:

Yahoo on iPhone and Blackberry

Holla indeed. Great news for Yahoo! users with iPhones and Crackberries. I hadn’t heard the news and tried to figure out why Yahoo! thinks we might already know. All I could dig up was this press release from August 12 which mentions the mobile apps:

This year, Yahoo! fantasy football enthusiasts will be able to track their favorite team’s success right in the palm of their hands. On September 8th, Yahoo! Fantasy Football goes mobile, launching three different ways to stay on top of their game. Included in the Yahoo! Mobile offering will be an iPhone app, a BlackBerry app, and a version for the mobile web. With mobile fantasy football you can get real-time scores and player stats, the ability to bench and start different players, and even the ability to trade with others in your league – all through your mobile device.

If there’s one thing I’m a bigger dork about than fantasy football, it’s my iPhone, and all my leagues are on Yahoo!, so this is pretty much the perfect storm of awesome. I’ll get a review up here as soon as I get my grimy mitts on it.