Ask the Geeks: Countdown to Opening Day

With opening day rapidly approaching, it’s high time for some more Ask the Geeks. Send us your burning questions here.

Brian asks: Hey Geeks, I have two flex positions to fill with six choices and am stuck. 12 man league and we get individual return yards keep in mind. Players are Ryan Grant, Santonio Holmes, Felix Jones, Willie Parker, Joseph Addai and X-factor Stefan Logan who is doing punt and kickoff returns for Pitt. Which two do you recommend?

Brandon’s take: That’s quite a group to pick from Brian, but I think in the end you’ll want to go with Ryan Grant and Felix Jones… at least for the first week. Your X-Factor is untested at this point and you’ll want to see what you’re getting from him before you put him in your lineup. Holmes, Addai and Parker should be alright, I just don’t like them as much as the guys I recommended. Grant is poised for a great season this year as the Packers offense should be high powered and he’s recovered from his hamstring injury. In terms of Jones, in addition to receiving a good portion of the carries in the team’s running game, he’ll also be catching passes out of the backfield and returning kickoffs for the team, so he should put up good numbers for you.

Matt’s take: It isn’t clear to me whether you’re asking about week 1 or the season in general. I’ll go with week 1, since this is a situation you’re going to want to review on a weekly basis to take advantage of favorable matchups.

Ryan Grant’s the no-brainer here. Look for Aaron Rodgers to air it out early and take advantage of the Bears’ shaky secondary (cornerback Tillman’s still questionable), then turn it over to Grant to protect a second-half lead.

I like Addai for the other spot. The matchup isn’t great, but Addai’s still the starter in Indy and he’s going to have some extra motivation in the form of Donald Brown waiting in the wings.

Dean asks: F Jackson or L White? White against the Steelers and Jackson is going up against the Pats?

Brandon’s take: I think LenDale White is going to have a great season, but starting him against the Steelers is always a risky venture. Fred Jackson is nursing a thumb/wrist injury, but he’ll definitely see the bulk of the carries with Lynch suspended and Dominic Rhodes getting cut recently. I’d start Jackson as the Patriots run defense wasn’t great last year and based on their off-season moves, I don’t envision it being a whole lot better this year.

Matt’s take: I’m with Brandon on this one. On pretty much any given week, if you ask me whether you should start your RB against Pittsburgh, I’m going to say no.

Tony asks: In a PPR 3 player keeper league, I’ve already decided on Jones-Drew, Fitzgerald, and cannot pick between Slaton/R.Bush/McFadden. Whom should I keep from the last trio?

Brandon’s take: I’d definitely go with Steve Slaton from that bunch. Reggie Bush will be great in a PPR league… when he’s healthy, which isn’t very often. Darren McFadden still plays on a bad offense that feels the need to play three running backs from week to week. While Slaton may have lost some of his goal-line carries this season to Chris Brown, I still think he has the most value out of that group and will put up great numbers for your team.

Matt’s take: The jury’s still out as to how big a chunk of the goal-line work Chris Brown is going to get, and the smart money’s on Brown going down with an injury at some point in the season (or just plain being too ineffective to use). Expect Slaton to be a fantasy force for the next few seasons at least. Bush and McFadden just have too many question marks.

E-roc asks: Just completed 2 hours ago… In the context of my league’s scoring system (passing TD +6; PPR for WR/TE only; 1 pt per 10 yards rush/rec.; no negative points; starting line-up = 1QB, 2RB, 3WR, 1TE, 1K, 1DEF)… Please let me know how you think I did:

1. M. Jones-Drew (#2 overall)
2. Reggie Wayne (#19)
3. Steve Smith CAR (#22)
4. TJ Housh (#39)
5. Kevin Smith (#42)
6. D. McNabb(#59)
7. Thomas Jones (#62)
8. L. Coles (#79)
9. Owen Daniels (#82)
10. J. Delhomme (#99)
11. Chargers DEF (#102)
12. Steve Smith NYG (#119)
13. L. McCoy (#122)
14. J. Carlson (#139)

Rounds 15-18: 2 kickers, Stafford, Colts DEF.

So, what do you think??

Brandon’s take: I love the team E-roc, although I’d love it more if running backs got points per reception. What made you decide to go with MJD over Peterson/Turner (whoever wasn’t the top pick)? Your receivers are awesome and if Kevin Smith has a good season in Detroit, you’re in business at that position as well. McNabb and Daniels will be solid and both could end up in the top five of their positions by the end of the season. Good luck this year!

Matt’s take: Nice team for a 10-team league. Really no complaints here, you targeted some of the same guys as I did – actually, I’ve got Housh, K. Smith, McNabb, and Coles all on one team as well (the second one I posted here). Weird.