Ask the Geeks: One week to go edition!

Atg ButtonWith under a week to go before the Titans play the Steelers on Thursday night football, here are a few questions we’ve received over the past few days:

Haseeb asks: In my league we can start up to 2 rb’s and another as a flex. I currently have Deangelo Williams, Joseph Addai, and Chris Johnson. I also have Jonathan Stewart on the bench. Do I start Stewart over Addai or Johnson? Or do I keep him on the bench? Thanks guys!

Brandon’s take: Haseeb, you definitely want to start DeAngelo Williams and Chris Johnson as long as they are healthy. As for Addai, he’ll probably have the most value towards the beginning of the season, while rookie Donald Brown is still getting up to NFL speed and not stealing his carries. Making this situation even easier though is the fact that Jonathan Stewart has been injured most of the preseason and you won’t want to start him until he can prove to be healthy and effective in the regular season. Good luck!

Edlin asks: I have both the Giants and Chargers Def on my ff team. For week 1, I was considering using the Chargers Def instead of the Giants. Chargers are playing Oakland and the Giants are playing the Redskins. Chargers scored 10 and 15 pts against the raiders and the Giants scored 5 and 15 against the Redskins in 2008. Merriman wasn’t even playing last year. Any advice? Thanks!!

Brandon’s take: Edlin, I don’t think you can go wrong with starting either of these defenses in week one. However, because you can not play both of them, I agree that you should play the Chargers against the Raiders. Oakland has looked terrible in most of the preseason and is guaranteed to turn the ball over a few times. I’m not exactly sure what Shawn Merriman’s status will be due to his latest abuse allegations, but I’m sure the rest of the team will do alright without him against a bad Oakland offense.

Mike asks: As commissioner of 2 leagues, I can’t remember when to start the waivers process. These league have already drafted and actually one league is already making free agent moves, which is out of my control. The other league has owners who need a player or two asking me to open it up. I personally feel you have to start the season with everyone you drafted first. So my question to you is what is the most popular ruling on pre- season waiver wire?
Thanks guys.

Brandon’s take: In our leagues we treat the waivers during the post-draft period just like the waivers during the regular season. All players not drafted go on waivers for 2-3 days following the draft and managers can put in their requests as usual. We don’t require the teams to start the season the way they finished the draft and in many cases, people in our drafts don’t even pick a kicker, as they know they can get one off waivers or free agency right before the beginning of the regular season. Hopefully this helps!