Ask the Geeks: Week 3 overflow!

I would have gotten this Ask the Geeks post up yesterday, but I was attending a wedding, so be happy I woke up at 7:30 AM to get them up with plenty of time before the games today! Anyways, I’m assuming everyone is 2-0 so far, so this week we’ll help you keep that unbeaten streak alive (okay, maybe you’re not 2-0, but we’ll still help!) Remember to send any inquiries you may have to us here.

David asks…

I am having trouble deciding who to start between Chris Johnson and Steve Slaton. Who should I start?

Brandon’s take: Given their performances this season, usually I would have to say Chris Johnson…but he’s playing the Jets this week. Go with Slaton against the Jaguars and hope he has his first breakout game of the year.

Calvin asks…

i currently have ronnie brown, deangelo williams, and willis mcgahee on my fantasy team. i can start two. my question is should i start mcgahee over williams? since the ravens are playing cleveland, should i ride mcgahee’s hot streak over a sub par williams?

Brandon’s take: That’s a solid group of running backs you have there and I expect all three of them to have big weeks. If I had to start just two though, I would probably stick with Ronnie Brown and DeAngelo Williams. McGahee has four touchdowns through the first two games and for some reason I have a feeling it might be Ray Rice’s week to put up the big numbers against the Browns. Honestly though, you can’t go wrong with that group.

T_Nelson asks…

I have Frank Gore this year and so far after two weeks he has been pretty reliable. Now at week 3 I have been offered a trade for Gore to receive Marion Barber and Marshawn Lynch. I am a hardcore cowboys fan, but really want to dominate in fantasy this year. I can’t see that happening having all cowboys players on my team (I also have Roy Williams, Witten, and Folk). My other backs however are Ray Rice, Jonathan Stewart, and Lendale White. Despite injuries and suspensions heading into week 3, would this be a bad call to make the trade with a whole season still ahead of me?

Brandon’s take: Wow, that guy really thinks highly of Frank Gore, eh? However, I think in the end you will just be replacing Gore with Barber and adding Lynch to your stable of RB2’s. Can you get an upgrade at QB or WR or something instead? It’s a solid trade, but you just don’t really need more depth at the running back position and with Fred Jackson’s great play through the first two games, Lynch may be put into a running-back-by-committee situation in Buffalo.

Matthew asks…

I’ve got Michael Turner, Darren Sproles, Fred Jackson, Ray Rice and LT on my roster, but can only play two. Who do you think is going to have the biggest games in week 2?

Brandon’s take: Well, LT won’t even be playing this weekend, so cross him off the list. Go with Michael Turner, who should do well against the Patriots today, and Sproles, who should put up big numbers in LT’s absence again. I like Jackson and Rice this week too, I just think Turner and Sproles will do slightly better.

Robin asks…

I need to fill 2RB’s 1 RB/WR Flex 2WRs.

I’ve lost my first two games, so I’ve been active on the waiver wire. Need to win week 3.

Standard ESPN League, 10 teams.

I have Forte, Jacobs, Slaton, McGahee, Sproles.

WRs Ochocinco, S.Holmes, B. Edwards, P. Harvin, P. Crayton, M. Manningham, S. Smith (NYG)

I’m thinking Forte/McGahee/Slaton/Holmes/Manningham.


Brandon’s take: How in the world are you 0-2 with those players?! For your receivers, I’d go with Santonio Holmes and Steve Smith, although I like Ochocinco as well. For running backs (and flex), go with Matt Forte, Steve Slaton and Willis McGahee (although again, I like Darren Sproles too!) I’ll be rooting for you this week and assume you’ll come out 1-2. Good luck!

(Another) David asks…

I need to start three of the following five WRs: Roy Williams, Wes Welker, Devery Henderson and Mike Sims-Walker and Earl Bennett. I know that a healthy Welker (even almost healthy) is an obvious choice, and I like Henderson this year. Should I give Williams a chance?

I’m holding of on Bennett until I see how things shape up in Chicago (Cutler’s bromance with Bennett versus the reality that Knox is going to be a fantastic #2 Receiver), but I am really stuck on starting Sims-Walker against Houston or Williams against Carolina. Williams is probably the better player, but Sims-Walker has the better match-up for fantasy purposes, right?

Brandon’s take: It looks like Wes Welker will be the dreaded “game time decision”, so that makes it hard to keep him in your lineup (if he plays, he’ll do great, but if he doesnt…) Anyways, I’d go with Roy Williams, Devery Henderson and Mike Sims-Walker (although I’m not completely sold on him yet) as they all plan to play this weekend and have decent match-ups.

Joey asks…

Start 2 of 3/4 PPR:

RB: McFadden, Gore and K.Smith

WR: S. Smith (Car), V. Jackson, S. Holmes, Manningham


Brandon’s take: Start two from that whole group? Almost every week I’d say go with Frank Gore and Steve Smith, as long as they’re healthy. This week is no different. If for some reason you can start more than two of those guys (maybe two from each position?), go with Gore and Smith for RB’s, then Smith and Holmes in the WR spot.