Brandon's 2009 teams

This past weekend Matt and I had both of the drafts for our main fantasy football leagues, the League of Champions (12 team, re-draft, non-PPR) and our keeper league (12 team, 0.5 PPR.) I wanted to share the two teams I ended up with along with some commentary on where I felt good about my picks and where I may have slipped up a bit, so here you go.

By round:

Reaction: In both leagues I ended up with a second half pick, so I was immediately out of the running for the top-tier running backs, but getting Gore at 11 wasn’t too bad. I think I think I’ll end up loving my starting receivers in this league when it’s all said and done, which is good because at this point I’m still a little worried about LenDale White as my RB2. I decided to stock up on RB depth to make up for it though, with three potential starters (they just need a little luck) on my bench and the mandatory Gore handcuff in Glen Coffee. I might end up kicking Earnest Graham or Peyton Hillis to the curb for some depth at another position eventually, but for now I think this team is solid and has the potential to compete with everyone from week to week. (Rating: 8/10 stars)

By round:

Reaction: This team induced a few chuckles towards the end of the draft as I ended up with three tight ends (unheard of) and took a kicker in the 14th round (out of 16), but by the end of the year I think I’ll get the final laugh. If my receivers play up to their potential (or Devin Hester plays well enough to replace one of them) and can stay healthy, I think I’ll get some great production out of that position from week to week. Because it’s a PPR (0.5 points-per-reception) league, I decided to stock up on some pass catching running backs, starting with Steven Jackson for my first pick. If healthy, Reggie Bush and Ray Rice should catch a ton of passes out of the backfield, but if they get hurt, I could be in a bind in terms of running back depth (unless LT goes down, then Sproles becomes a great option!) As it’s a keeper league, I took a gamble with my last pick, drafting rookie tight end Brandon Pettigrew with the hopes that he’ll become a solid TE that I can keep next season…but we’ll see how that pans out. He could be dropped from my roster after week one. I also picked up Cowboys third string running back Tashard Choice when I dropped Fasano, with some hope that he’ll take over a decent share of the load at some point in the season, but mainly with hopes for next season when the team realizes they don’t need both Marion Barber and Felix Jones on the team. (Rating: 7/10)

[K] = keeper from last season