How many leagues is too many?

I literally can’t tell you how many fantasy football leagues I’ve participated in over the past few years. All I know is it was way too many – at least five each year. I was an addict, and I paid the price – it wasn’t as much fun. I missed the excitement of “owning” players in the sense that what they did really mattered to me. When you’re in a lot of leagues, every big play hurts you in some leagues and helps you in others. If it helps you in more leagues than it hurts – hooray? It’s just not the same as hanging on Peyton Manning’s every move because he’s your quarterback.

For the first time since 2003, I’m in just two leagues – the two core leagues that Brandon and I have been a part of for years. One redraft, one keeper. Both drafts are this weekend. I’m positively giddy for the season to start, and to spend Sunday afternoons the way I did back when I first started playing fantasy football, happily obsessing over what a handful of players – my players – are doing.