My '09 teams

Now that I’ve intentionally scaled back to participating in just two leagues this season in order to recapture the joy, my teams in those two leagues will be the focus of some intense obsession for the next few months. Here’s how they came out:


Keeper League

Picks by round:

1. (2) Matt Forte
2. (23) Tom Brady
3. (26) Marshawn Lynch
4. (47) Dallas Clark
5. (50) Willie Parker
6. (71) Ted Ginn Jr.
7. (74) Marques Colston This player is a keeper.
8. (95) Dwayne Bowe This player is a keeper.
9. (98) Jamal Lewis
10. (119) Ben Roethlisberger
11. (122) Ricky Williams
12. (143) Steve Breaston This player is a keeper.
13. (146) Deion Branch
14. (167) Hakeem Nicks
15. (170) Jeremy Shockey
16. (191) New England

With my three keepers, I was able to start the draft with a decent WR corps already in place.

Forte was a no-brainer with the 2nd pick because it’s a PPR league and someone else had MJD locked up as a keeper (AP went #1, which I don’t necessarily disagree with, but I’d have considered Forte given the PPR scoring).

QB touchdowns are worth 6 points, so getting Brady at the end of the second round was huge. Some of the names that went before him are mind-boggling. Darren McFadden? Braylon Edwards?

My mistake after that was probably that I ignored the WR position for a little longer than I should have. Lynch was admittedly a Bills fan pick in the third… Roy Williams and Ochocinco were still available and either would have rounded my WR corps into something pretty special. I’m not particularly excited to be starting Breaston at WR3 and Ginn at flex in week 1. But if I can keep my head above water until week 4, I’ll be pretty pumped about Forte/Lynch at RB, and for the flex spot I’m going to have to hope that Jamal Lewis has something left in the tank or that Ginn, Branch or Nicks can surprise this season.

Definitely some question marks in places, but Forte and Brady give me some peace of mind, especially given the league’s scoring.


Redraft League

Picks by round:

1. (9) Steven Jackson
2. (16) Andre Johnson
3. (33) Kevin Smith
4. (40) T.J. Houshmandzadeh
5. (57) Donovan McNabb
6. (64) Larry Johnson
7. (81) Laveranues Coles
8. (88) Greg Olsen
9. (105) Ben Roethlisberger
10. (112) Tim Hightower
11. (129) Sidney Rice
12. (136) Muhsin Muhammad
13. (153) New England
14. (160) Shonn Greene
15. (177) Jason Elam

This team feels pretty solid top-to-bottom to me. Depth at RB is definitely its greatest strength – if Steven Jackson or Kevin Smith doesn’t pan out, Larry Johnson and Tim Hightower are waiting in the wings, and both have a lot of potential. Andre Johnson and Housh at WR1 and WR2 are very nice to have. I think Coles will surprise this year, and I’ve been a huge Greg Olsen fan for a while now – not many other TEs in the league that have a shot at leading their teams in receptions.

WR depth is the one thing that concerns me here. Sidney Rice isn’t going to cut the mustard at WR4. I’ll be looking to improve in that department ASAP.