Top Five QB and RB for Week 2, 2009

Here’s a look at the top five at QB and RB for this week. WR and TE coming soon (was going to include them in this post, but the baby has other plans for my time).


  1. Aaron Rodgers (vs CIN): Say what now? Most weeks, Brees or Brady will likely occupy this spot, but both have tough matchups so Rodgers (a top-five QB in 2008 in almost any scoring system) is the best bet for a big game this week with the Bungles in town.
  2. Tom Brady (@ NYJ): The Jets D shut down Matt Schaub and Andre Johnson in week 1, which is definitely a red flag for this matchup, but by the end of the Buffalo game Brady had shaken off the rust and was back in sync with Moss, Welker and the rest of the gang. Brady’s a big-game threat every week regardless of the matchup.
  3. Drew Brees (@ PHI): Jake Delhomme is certainly no Drew Brees, and something’s clearly not right with him, but what the Eagles did to him in week 1 was just plain nasty. Brees is playing on a different plane from the rest of the league, though, so this game is going to be pretty fascinating – both Brees and the Eagles D are forces of nature that humiliated the opposition in week 1. It goes without saying that we’ll see some great play on both sides of the ball, and while a six-TD game ain’t happening this week, Brees can put up better numbers than most QBs against any defense in the NFL.
  4. Matt Hasselbeck (@ SF): He was a top-5 QB last week even though Housh wasn’t all that involved. Expect  Houshmanzilly to get back on track in week 2, which will only mean good things for Hasselbeck, whose name I expect to list here pretty frequently this season.
  5. Brett Favre (@ DET): Sorry Lions fans, but your defense is an embarrassment. Favre’s practically an afterthought in the Vikings AP-powered offense, but there will be plenty of scoring to go around for everyone wearing purple this Sunday.

Notable omissions:

  • Tony Romo (vs NYG): Just missed the cut. The ankle doesn’t seem too worrisome, but it certainly doesn’t help. The Giants D is good enough to temper my expectations for him just a tad. If this was a “Top Six” post, he’d be on the list.
  • Peyton Manning (@ MIA): Always a big-game threat, of course, but the loss of Anthony Gonzalez hurts.

Running Back

  1. Adrian Peterson (@ DET): The only thing that could hold him back from having a fantasy performance for the record books would be if the Vikes build up a big lead and Childress decides to use him sparingly. Still, if Peterson doesn’t score at least once this weekend, I’ll eat my sock.
  2. Michael Turner (vs CAR): The Burner’s line against Carolina in week 11 last year: 24 carries, 117 yards, 4 TD. Last week, the Panthers didn’t appear to be any better against the run than they were last season.
  3. DeAngelo Williams (@ ATL): Ignore week 1’s disappointing performance – the Eagles are just that good, and Delhomme can’t have a meltdown of that caliber every week.
  4. Clinton Portis (vs STL): The cat’s out of the bag: St. Louis can’t stop the run. If Julius Jones ran over the Rams for 117 yards, what might a healthy Portis be able to do?
  5. Chris Johnson (vs Hou): The Texans defense couldn’t contain Thomas Jones last week (107 yard, 2 TD), so Johnson should have some fun with them. (Funny how the success of the Jones brothers makes a decent gauge for how bad a rush defense is.)