Top Five WR and TE for Week 2, 2009

Here’s the second half of my top-five series for this week – the first half was on the QB and RB positions. Normally it would all be one post, but it’s hard to predict when I’ll have free time to write a post with this two-month-old around. Parenthood – you gotta get you some of this!

Wide Receiver

  1. Andre Johnson (@TEN): Call his week 1 performance (4 catches, 35 yards, no scores) what you will – a blip, early-season rust – just don’t call it a sign of things to come for Andre Johnson and the potent Texans offense. The Titans gave up a whopping 363 yards through the air last week to the Steelers, and Santonio Holmes and Hines Ward both hit the 100-yard mark. With Kevin Walter back in the lineup, the Texans are back in their comfort zone and ready to pounce.
  2. Steve Smith (@ATL): The Eagles utterly shut the Panthers down in week 1, intercepting three of the 13 passes thrown Smith’s way. If he’s targeted 13 times again this week, he’s in for a monster game in Atlanta. An angry Steve Smith is a dangerous Steve Smith. Let’s just hope he doesn’t punch anybody. Again.
  3. Calvin Johnson (vs. MIN): The Vikings offense is a force of nature and its run defense is arguably the stoutest in the league. The only way to stay in the game against them (not that the Lions have a snowball’s chance in hell) is to pass the ball, so pass it they will, and Johnson will probably more or less singlehandedly make the score at least somewhat respectable.
  4. Randy Moss (@ NYJ): Are the Jets really that good? They sure looked it last week, but if I had to bet their track record against that of the Brady-Moss connection, I’ll take the one that set all those records not long ago.
  5. Larry Fitzgerald (@ JAC): With Boldin’s hammy better but still not quite healed, the Cards offense should start slowly rounding into shape this week. Until Boldin and Breaston are back to full health, though, defenses will still be able to key on Fitz like they did last week. I can’t list him any higher than #5, but there’s also no way he doesn’t get a spot on this list.

Tight End

  1. Chris Cooley (vs. STL): Cooley had seven catches and a score last week against the Giants. This week he takes on the Rams, who gave up a whopping 95 yards and two TDs to Seahawks TE John Carlson last week. Need I say more?
  2. Tony Gonzalez (vs. CAR): The Panthers are reeling after last week’s disaster against the Eagles, whose TE Brenk Celek had six catches and a touchdown. Expect big things from the Gonz.
  3. Dallas Clark (@MIA): With Anthony Gonzalez out for a while, the creepy little boy in Peyton Manning’s head will be whispering “Clark” on a regular basis.
  4. Antonio Gates (vs. Bal): The matchup’s not ideal, but a healthy Antonio Gates is always an elite option at TE.
  5. John Carlson (@ SF): Speaking of Carlson (see Cooley above), this kid is good! He looks ready to improve in a big way over his totals from his rookie season (55 receptions, 627 yards, 5 TD). I’d be surprised if Hasselbeck didn’t keep looking his way after he was able to pull down two in the end zone last week.