Ask the Geeks – Week 7: Game-time edition! 

Here are the rest of the Ask the Geek questions for the week. As we’re approaching fantasy football’s mid-season, it’s getting more and more important to make the right decisions regarding your starting line-up each week and hopefully we can provide some help (or at least some peace of mind!) Remember, if you have any more line-up questions before game-time, leave them as comments on our posts and we’ll try to answer them all the way up until the games start…after that it’s up to the fantasy football gods. Good luck!

Erin asks…

Is it ok to play 3 players from the same team? (Laurence Maroney RB, Randy Moss WR, Stephen Gostkowski K)

My only available bench is Larry Johnson RB

my RB that I am playing (are) Leon Washington, Donald Brown, Laurence Maroney

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