Ask the Geeks: BYE Week Blues

Just as I promised, here are the Ask the Geek’s for week four. We’re still getting questions from people who are undefeated in their leagues, so that must mean our advice is at least helping some of you! Remember, you can send any additional inquiries you have to us here.

Massie asks…

Ok, so due to bye week and injuries I have to drop a player on my bench to make space for a fill-in. Who do you think will have less value going forward? Anthony Gonzalez, Donald Brown, Lance Moore or Brian Westbrook??

Brandon’s take: Don’t drop Donald Brown or Westbrook (your #1 pick?) for sure. The decision is between Gonzalez and Moore, who are both injured. Anthony Gonzalez will probably miss a couple more games, while Moore could possibly be back this weekend, although it’s not likely. In the long run, I would say that Gonzalez has more value, as he doesn’t have as many guys to compete with for receptions. Moore will be competing with Colston, Henderson, Shockey and Bush when he comes back…and they’ve all had weeks to develop some solid chemistry with Drew Brees. Drop Lance Moore.

Anthony asks…

I have Santana Moss, MJD, Ronnie Brown, Tashard Choice, Devin Hester, Mike Sims-Walker. Which four should I start? I need atleast one WR and one RB. Standard scoring with 0.25 PPR.

Brandon’s take: First of all, I find it pretty funny/coincidental that your three receivers are all on my “hits” list this week. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to start them all. The player with the worst match-up on your team is the one guy you pretty much CAN’T bench, so keep MJD in. As for the other guys, the two I would bench this week are Tashard Choice (against a seemingly tough Broncos defense and who is one of my “misses” this week) and Mike Sims-Walker, who is my least favorite of my favorite (make sense?) wide receivers this week.

Wolf asks…

Randy Moss vs Bal
Wes Welker vs Bal (if healthy)
Steve Smith (NYG) @KC
Vincent Jackson @Pit
Hines Ward vs SD

What are you thoughts on each, who ranks highest in your opinion?

Brandon’s take: Are they all on your team? If so, I’d say you’re pretty stacked at the WR position. Anyways, in order of how productive I think they’ll be this weekend (if they’re all healthy): Randy Moss, Vincent Jackson, Steve Smith, Wes Welker and Hines Ward.

Bryan asks…

Hey guys, I have been patiently waiting for Marshawn to come back, and now he is, but Fred Jackson has performed so well, I don’t think I can just plug Lynch into the stating lineup. My other RB’s don’t have the greatest matchups this week either, so I am kind of confused as to who to start.

S. Jackson vs SF
Ray RIce vs NE
Knowshon vs Dallas
Marshawn vs Miami

which one sits on the bench this week? Thanks.

Brandon’s take: You can start three? Go with Steven Jackson, Ray Rice and Knowshon Moreno. The Bills have stated that they will work Lynch into the offense slowly, as Fred Jackson has done such a good job in his absence.

Davie asks…

Alright Brandon, I went with your advice and started Ward as my RB 2 in my 14 player league. Ouch. Let’s try this again:

PPR league. I need my RB2 to put up serviceable numbers, and I should be fine.

I can go with:
Ward (would need something for my stomach)
Buckhalter (Snoozers!)
J. Harrison (A Brown.)
D. Brown (Perhaps the Brown?)


Brandon’s take: Oh man, now the pressure’s on. I’ll try not to disappoint this week, but seriously, how did Ward only rush for 2 yards last week?! Anyways, let’s pass on Ward this week. I think I’d go with Correll Buckhalter, who is averaging a crazy 7.4 yards per carry. Jerome Harrison is probably a safe option though, as he will get plenty of carries with Jamal Lewis out AND he’s used in the passing game…but it IS the Browns. Anyways, if you go with Buckhalter, I’ll make sure to cross my fingers for you!

Joseph asks…

Should I start Braylon Edwards with Derek Anderson getting the start or has S. Moss and Campbell hit there stride and set for another big week vs Tampa?

Brandon’s take: Go with Santana Moss, who is one of my “hits” this week. Give the Anderson-to-Edwards connection a game or two to show it’s true colors. Maybe 2007 was a fluke and neither of thoe guys have any talent anymore.

Ilan asks…

Please help me all knowing ones. im in a heated league and I need this week’s win bad…I have McFadden, Willie Parker, Correl Buckhalter, and pierre garcon and only three spots for them…
who would you leave on the bench?

Brandon’s take: Haha, I’ll try to live up to the title of “all knowing one”, but I can’t promise anything. Anyways, if Willie Parker (turf toe) doesn’t even play this weekend, that should make your decision pretty easy. If he does though…I’d still bench him. The Steelers are no longer a run-first team and now it’s Ben Roethlisberger’s team. Plus, there’s always a chance he re-injures his toe on the first play (Frank Gore anyone?) and screws your team over (yes, that’s resentment you hear.)

AJ asks…

Would you trade Calvin Johnson and Aaron Rodgers for Drew Brees and Vincent Jackson?

Brandon’s take: I think you should go for this trade. Brees is a vast improvement over Rodgers and given the Lions struggles offensively, I think Vincent Jackson is actually a more valuable receiver than Megatron this season…so it’s a win-win!

Ravi asks…

Hey Guys, (my) league is 1 QB, 1 RB, 2 WR, FLEX, TE, K, DST

I never find myself so indecisive as I have this week over who to start as my second wide receiver. I have colston as my first and Fitzgerald is out with a bye so I claimed Sims-Walker off the waiver. It seems obvious I should start Sims-Walker. Here is where I am thinking of taking a risk. My starting QB is Aaron Rodgers and I have Donald Driver whom I did not play as flex last week and he’s been hot recently, should I play him over Sims-Walker in my 2nd receiver slot? My flex option is Glen Coffee (also claimed on the wire).

Brandon’s take: Keep Coffee as your flex play if you were considering not doing so. For the receiver though, I like Sims-Walker (see my “hits” list) more than Driver this week, who is going against a tough Minnesota pass defense (I have his teammate, Greg Jennings, on my “miss” list actually!)

Shane asks…

OK…bye week fill ins…Johnny Knox or Kevin Walter? Also, I have Eddie Royal languishing on my bench in all three leagues…do I give him another week, or pick up a Lee Evans or Antonio Bryant? All options seem pretty dismal. Thanks!

Brandon’s take: I’d definitely go with Kevin Walter over Knox. Walter had a huge game last weekend and should again be a favorite target for Schaub as the Oakland defense focuses on Andre Johnson.

Ken asks…

Is it time to drop Mike Bell or Jamal Lewis? I hesitate to drop either one since I am in a 12-team league and my other RB’s are Ronnie Brown and Pierre Thomas. I am pretty deep at WR, as I play based on matchups and injuries but I’m wondering if I should make a play on another WR such as Sims-Walker or Garcon for trade bait. Also, if you have any ideas about any trade ideas that would be great. Some of the teams in my league are very thin at WR and I would like another RB for down the road. I am also currently 3-0. Thanks guys…keep it up!

QB: Drew Brees
WR: Wes Welker
WR: Derrick Mason
WR: Steve Breaston
WR:Mario Manningham
WR: Kevin Walter
RB: Ronnie Brown
RB: Pierre Thomas
RB: Mike Bell
RB: Jamal Lewis
DEF: Minnesota
K: Lawrence Tynes

Brandon’s take: Since you own Pierre Thomas, I recommend you keep Mike Bell for insurance. As for Jamal Lewis though, while technically he’ll probably be the starter for the rest of the season (as long as he’s healthy), you’re not going to want to start him unless you absolutely have to. However, with running backs on only three teams, you don’t really have much of choice when the Saints or Dolphins are on a BYE week. Are there any other running backs on the waiver wire at all? You might think of trading some of your wide receiver depth for a better running back and if that works out, you can then pick up Sims-Walker or Garcon (not sure if they’ll still be available though.)