Ask the Geeks: Week 4 game day edition

I didn’t get a chance to get this Ask the Geeks out last night, but hopefully they’re up early enough this morning to help all your teams out! Remember, you can send any additional inquiries you have to us here.

Lisa asks…

I am the only girl in my league and I am up against the league leader this week and I need your help badly. (I am sitting 3rd, yeah) Should I stick with Ray Rice this week as he has served me well so far OR put in Reggie Bush? Please, please help me, I have to win this week. Thanks.

Brandon’s take: Hey Lisa, congratulations on third place…hopefully we can offer the right advice and help you put your first place opponent in their place this week! I happen to have this same exact problem in one of my leagues and currently I have Reggie Bush in there. I think the Patriots defense will keep the Baltimore running game in check, while the Saints use Bush to fight the Jets blitzes. I’m just hoping Reggie can catch a short touchdown or something to boost his numbers, but he’s the guy I’m going with this week.

Mike asks…

I have great depth at RB with Forte, R Brown, McGahee, Freddie Jax, Reggie Bush and Knowshown. We start 2 RB’s and a flex which for me is def a RB. I’m super weak at WR but haven’t been able to swing a trade for one of the lower level RB’s but have an offer of Reggie Bush for Antonio Gates. I’ve been starting Carlson. What do you think?

Brandon’s take: I think the Reggie Bush for Antonio Gates trade makes sense for you given your depth at the RB position. As for who to start this week, I’d go with Forte, Brown and McGahee in your running back and flex spots. I’m in a similar boat in one league and am trying to trade for a wide receiver as well, but to no avail so far. Good luck though!

Jeff asks…

I can only start 2 of these. You guys helped me last week. Thanks again!

Tashard Choice @ Denver
Ray Rice @ NE
LaDainian Tomlinson @ Pit
Knowshon Moreno vs Dallas

Brandon’s take: Glad we could help, hopefully this week is the same. While Marion Barber is back in Dallas, Tashard Choice is still going to get a heavy workload. As for LT and Rice, they’re playing tough defenses and I’m not high on them this week. Go with Moreno and Choice and hope there is a LOT of running going on in that game!

Dave asks…

I am having some bye week trouble.

Who should I start in my flex (12 team league): Marshawn Lynch, Earl Bennett, Chris Henry


Brandon’s take: Of that crew, I’d go with Earl Bennett. I almost recommended taking the risk on Marshawn Lynch and hoping he gets right back into the action and puts up good numbers, but I’m still not sure how big a role he’ll have in the offense to start. With Bennett, I’m hoping Cutler can have a Brees-esque game against the Lions and all their receivers should benefit. Go with Earl Bennett.

Jay asks…

So PT had a great week vs Buffalo, but I am a bit concerned with him facing the Jets who have looked pretty tugh ve the run. I picked up Coffee off the wire when Gore went down, and this week San Fran faces the pathetic Rams “D”. You think Thomas is a good gamble with the explosive NO offense? Or should I gamble on Coffee with an otherwise solid San Fran run scheme vs Saint Louis?

Brandon’s take: How many running backs do you play? I’m assuming this is for your RB2 spot? Anyways, I like Coffee better this week…but only this week. Against almost any other defense, get the PT Cruiser in there as he should put up solid numbers.

Brian asks…

Johnny Knox or Pierre Garcon? Who would you play in week #4? Points based upon yardage – NOT receptions. Thanks.

Brandon’s take: Although I think it’s a bit riskier play, I would go with Johnny Knox. I have a good feeling this week about Jay Cutler agianst the Lions and I think all of his receives should benefit. The Seattle defense is decent and will do a good job limiting Peyton Manning (and his receivers) somewhat…can’t say the same for Detroit though.

EC asks…

I have benson, choice and lynch and have to start two — who should I start? I’m thinking benson and choice, but not sure about choice b/c both he and lynch may get split carries this wk. What do you think?

Brandon’s take: Go with your gut feeling. Choice and Benson are much surer bets at this point and should both put up decent numbers.

Dave asks…

Who should I start in my flex?

Marshawn Lynch at Miami
Mewelde Moore v. Pitt (assuming Parkers out)
Earl Bennett v. Detroit

Thanks for your advice!

Brandon’s take: First of all, Mewelde Moore plays FOR Pittsburgh, so I don’t think he’s playing against them this weekend, hah (they play the Chargers by the way.) As for your flex spot, go with Earl Bennett, who I’ve already mentioned that I think will have a good game today against the Lions.

Jones asks…

I need help this week at RB. It looks like Willie Parker is doubtful to play. Is Rashard Mendenhall worth picking up and starting in place of Lynch? I would have to drop Harvin, Driver or Welker to pick him up, which I’m not very excited about.

Brandon’s take: Stick with what you have. Mendenhall will indeed start, but I don’t see him putting up all that great of numbers as the Steelers continue their evolution into a pass-first team.

Randy asks…

Should I start Orton or Sanchez.

Brandon’s take: Go with Kyle Orton, who should have a decent day against the Cowboys.

Mark asks…

Looking for a defense to pick up…Saints, Seahawks, or Colts….or a combination of the two. Also…week 4 Ben Roethlisberger or Shaun Hill?


Brandon’s take: In order of how I like them this week: Saints, Colts and Seahawks. As for your quarterback, I’d go with Roethlisberger, even with Shaun Hill having an easier match-up against the Rams this week.

Kyle asks…

Who to start: I have Philip Rivers against the steelers or I could start Shaun Hill against the rams? Becase of the bye week,I have 2 RB’s positions and 1 WR/RB slot to fill with these four players: Ryan Grant, Willis Mcgahee, Ray Rice, or Pierre Garcon?

Brandon’s take: As I told Mark (above), even though Shaun Hill has a good match-up this week, I’d stick with your main guy and go with Philip Rivers, who has more potential. Good luck!

Dan asks…

Need to pick a RB2 to pair with Steven Jackson in a 1/2 ppr league. Should I go with Kevin Smith, Cadillac Williams, Knowshon Moreno, Correll Buckhalter, Ahmad Bradshaw or Rashard Mendenhall?

Brandon’s take: Go with Kevin Smith as he’s the only one from that group who will get almost all of the team’s carries. He broke the century mark last week and should have another decent game today.

Todd asks…

Geek, Would you trade pierre thomas for matt forte????

Brandon’s take: Talk about a blockbuster trade…but one I would NOT make. Forte has struggled and is only running for 2.5 yards per carry this year. With the Saints explosive passing game, the PT Cruiser always has space to run and will run down the clock a lot with his team having big leads. Stick with PT.

Massie asks…

What are your thoughts on Steve Smith of the Panthers? If your prospects are negative, should I then accept a trade-offer for Ray Rice and Torry Holt?

Brandon’s take: Who are your other running backs and wide receivers? As a Steve Smith owner in one league, I’m starting to get nervous about him, but I still think he has the potential to put up #1 receiver numbers if he can get in a groove with Delhomme. If you’re really thin at running back, this might be a trade you consider (although Torry Holt doesn’t add a whole lot to the equation.)

ffgeekblogROCKS asks…

Hey, guys, need your expert advice, please! My team, standard 12-team yahoo league: Romo, AnJohnson, Hines, Chris Johnson, RonBrown, Olsen, Coffee, Garcon, LJ, Devery, McGahee, AhBradshaw, and Delhomme. Should I trade Hines and McGahee for Calvin Johnson and Derrick Ward? Thank you for taking the time to help me, guys!

Brandon’s take: Hah, nice name! Anyways, definitely do NOT do this trade. McGahee should finish as one of the top running backs in the league this year and Derrick Ward has been a HUGE disappointment so far. Calvin Johnson is enticing, but the difference between he and Ward is not big enough to make up for the drop-off you’ll suffer at the running back position.