Ask the Geeks – Week 5: Part 1

Here are the first Ask the Geeks of week five. We’ll be doing another post on Saturday evening or Sunday morning most likely for all the stragglers that are sure to come in over the next few days. Remember, you can send any additional inquiries you have to us here or simply leave them as comments on our posts and we’ll try our best to respond to them as soon as possible.

Steve asks…

Should I drop Roy Williams WR (Dal) for Sidney Rice WR (Min)?

Brandon’s take: I would keep Williams if you can get by the next few weeks without him (this week – injury, next week – bye) as he still has value and if the Cowboys can figure out how to throw the ball once again, he should put up decent numbers. If Sidney Rice continues to get better and better every game though, I might change my mind. You could try trading Williams to someone who loves the Cowboys or something so you get a little value for him instead of dropping him outright.

Matt’s take: Williams still has far too much value and potential to drop him, unless you’re in an exceptionally small league. By my keeper league’s scoring system, his 32.9 fantasy points so far this year put him at 34th among WRs – not what you were hoping to get out of him, of course, but still more than T.O., Steve Smith, Anquan Boldin or Dwayne Bowe. He’s still the top WR for the explosive if maddeningly inconsistent Tony Romo, which makes him a big-game threat every week when he’s healthy.

CJ asks…

I have Marion Barber and Anquan Boldin and I was offered D. McNabb and Marques Colston, and my QBs are Romo and Orton. Romo isn’t playing well and Orton is playing well but about to face good teams in the next couple weeks. So do you think I should accept the trade that was offered to me?

Brandon’s take: What is your running back situation like? If losing Barber is a big hit to your team, this trade doesn’t make much sense. I guess you get a tiny upgrade at receiver (although Boldin’s been playing better lately than Colston), but you’re only upgrading the quarterback position a little bit (as long as McNabb comes back and is healthy.) I’d recommend NOT doing this trade based on the information you’ve given, but maybe you have more details and could change my mind?

Matt’s take: I’d actually take this trade. Given how Kolb’s been able to throw for all kinds of yards in the Eagles offense, McNabb’s highly likely to have a monstrous second half. And Colston’s a significant upgrade over Boldin. Your RB situation is worth consideration as Brandon said, but value-wise, you’re getting a good deal in my opinion.

E-Roc asks…

Should I pick up:
RB – J. Harrison (CLE)
RB – Ricky Williams
or keep Bradshaw?

Brandon’s take: It depends on what you’re looking for. Long term, Harrison may not have that much value because even if he’s running better than Jamal Lewis was, once Lewis is back out there, he’s sure to get a lot of the carries. The real toss up is between Williams and Bradshaw, who have similar value. However, I’m leaning towards recommending Ricky Williams, who has been able to find the endzone a lot more than Bradshaw so far this season. If you’re looking for a one game plug-in this week, Harrison makes the most sense though.

Matt’s take: It’s been a real toss-up in Miami as to whether Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams is the more effective back, and on a team that runs as much as Miami does, that means both of them are startable (if a little unexciting) any given week. I’m with Brandon on this one – Ricky’s going to get his mitts on the ball in the red zone more often than either Harrison or Bradshaw this season.