Ask the Geeks – Week 6: Game-time Edition!

Here’s one last round of Ask the Geeks before the games start. If you want any more questions asked before game-time, we recommend posting them as comments on this post, as we’re more likely to respond faster that way. Good luck!

E asks…

Been reading your blogs for weeks now. And it helped me to top the league with 4-1. I have questions that you can probably answer better than anyone else.

1. Should i start manningham over braylon edwards? or the other way around

2. and also should i start Tony Gonzales over Kellen Winslow?

Brandon’s take: Go with Braylon Edwards for sure. With Jerricho Cotchery likely out, Mark Sanchez will look Edwards way often (again.) For your tight end, go with Kellen Winslow against a Carolina defense that hasn’t been great against the tight end position. Good luck and hopefully you can get to 5-1 this week!

Massie asks…

I know this is a toss-up between the devil and the deep blue sea, but who would you go with this week; Mike Wallace or Mushin Muhammed?

Brandon’s take: I’d go with Wallace…much more upside.

John asks…

should i start drew brees or josh johnson for tampa

Brandon’s take: There’s NO way I can recommend you start Johnson over Brees. Stick with your top draft pick.

Shawn asks…

I am in a traditional league (no PPR).  Thinking about the following trade proposed to me. Philip Rivers, Hightower, and Kellen Winslow for Joe Flacco, Portis and Cooley. What do you think?

Brandon’s take: You’re giving up Flacco, Portis and Cooley? The trade looks fairly even, but who are your other running backs? You’d be downgrading with the Portis-for-Hightower exchange, but if you don’t even plan to start him, maybe you don’t care.

Ed asks…

Hey guys, I have a question on my running backs. I already started Julius jones. My other running backs are felix jones (bye) glen coffee (bye) Reggie bush, Leon Washington and correll buckhalter. Currently I have Donald driver as my flex, which RBs should I start and should i leave driver in?

Brandon’s take: Leave Driver in the flex spot and if you’re starting two running backs, go with Reggie Bush and Leon Washington. I’m not even sure Buckhalter will play that much as he’s just recovering from an injury and you don’t want to wait until Monday night to find out. Good luck!

Ben asks…

Who should I start, Jonathan Stewart or Sammy Morris in week 6

Brandon’s take: You have to go with Stewart this week, as he’s playing the Bucs, while Morris goes up against the solid Titans run defense.

Anthony asks…

Ok, so I am trying to take down our number 1 rank in our league, who is currently undeafeated. I need to know who to start. Tom Brady or Aaron Rogers???? And should I flex Cadillac over D. Bowe

Brandon’s take: I hate to go against my boy Brady, especially against the lowly Titans pass defense, but the weather up here in New England has me a bit concerned. They’re predicting 20 mph wind and 80% chance of rain (plus it’s cold!) for the Patriots game, making me lean towards Aaron Rodgers. As for your flex, go with Dwayne Bowe and hope he can find the endzone for the fourth time this season.

Brett asks…

i have Jerrico Cotchery, Calvin Johnson, Percy Harvin, Mike Sims-Walker and Jermey Malcen but johnson and cotchery injured should i start the other or take a risk cause 4-1

Brandon’s take: I’m not exactly sure what you’re asking here, but I would keep Cotchery and Johnson on your bench this week. If you can start three receivers, you should be fine with your guys. If two, go with Sims-Walker and Maclin. Good luck!