Ask the Geeks – Week 6: Roster Decisions and Trade Talk

With Ask the Geeks questions coming in at a record pace, I was worried that if we didn’t get a post out today we’d be buried this weekend! Remember, you can ask the geeks here or simply leave your questions as comments on our posts and we’ll try our best to respond to them as soon as possible.

Adam asks…

Hey guys – Doing great here so far. I’m 4-1 due in part to your advice. Here’s my dilemma this week (I think it’s a good one to have). Who do I sit? I need to sit one of these flex guys:

Kevin Smith, Vincent Jackson, Tim Hightower, DeSean Jackson, Eddie Royal


Brandon’s take: Glad we could help you out! If you need to sit just one of those guys, I’d go with Tim Hightower, who should be losing carries to Beanie Wells and hasn’t been effective anyways.

James asks…

I need to pick 2 to start this week. Cotchery is a definite no go. But I am having trouble deciding between my other 3. Anquan Boldin, Roddy White, and Mike Sims-Walker. I assume all three are good choices. But what 2 should have the biggest games this week?

Brandon’s take: That’s a tough one, as all of them are good options this week. I’d go with Roddy White (can’t bench him after last week’s performance, can you?) and Mike Sims-Walker, who I think is going to have a big game as he tries to make people forget about last week’s “incident.”

DJ asks…

With NY Giants playing NO this week should I pick up someone else for Defense? Carolina and Jacksonville are available. Also is Fred Jackson done? Frank Gore and Ronnie Brown are sitting on my bench. Need 2 RB’s–Have Leon Washington , Jerome Harrison, and Fred Jackson. Which two? Thanks

Brandon’s take: I would pick up Jacksonville and play them against the Rams for sure. They got shelled last week, but things should be a little different this week with St. Louis in town. As for your running backs, go with Leon Washington and Fred Jackson, who will be more effective than Harrison, even if he starts taking a back seat to Marshawn Lynch.

Ace asks…

Do I take this Trade?

I get: Steven Jackson, Chris Cooley, and Bernard Berrian.
I give: Ahmad Bradshaw, Owen Daniels, and Percy Harvin

I have Chris Johnson, Pierre Thomas, Ray Rice, Andre Johnson, Vincent Jackson as my starting WR/RBs. Thanks guys!

Brandon’s take: I’m not exactly sure what the purpose of that trade is, as it looks pretty even to me (no one benefitting drastically at any position.) Your team looks pretty solid already, so I’m leaning towards recommending you don’t bother with this exchange. Maybe you have some personal reasons for making the trade (you’re a big Rams fan? You think Berrian has more potential than Harvin?)

Andy asks…

Hello Brandon, you helped me with a WR start/sit a few weeks back so I thought I’d go to the well again.

Which 2 would you start? (no PPR)
R.Mendenhall vs CLE
P.Thomas vs NYG
T.Jones vs BUF
M.Lynch @ NYJ

As always, enjoy reading your stuff. Thanks for your time.

Brandon’s take: Hey Andy, hopefully I can help you out again this week! The PT Cruiser and Mendenhall were my first choices, but after thinking a bit more about it I think you might be better off going with Thomas Jones over Mendenhall this week. Rashard Mendenhall is dealing with an illness now and his health for the game is not yet known. If you hear on ESPN or something right before game-time on Sunday that he’s 100% and ready to go, put him in over Jones, but otherwise I’d stick with Pierre Thomas and Thomas Jones.

ffgeekblogROCKS asks…

So, it doesn’t look good for my WR2, Megatron, this weekend against the Pack. Who would you recommend for a one-week fill-in: Donnie Avery @ Jacksonville or Antonio Bryant @ Carolina? D Ward is an option, though lowly, too. Any input is greatly appreciated as your advice has me in second place in my league!

Brandon’s take: It’s awesome to see that our advice has you near the top of your league (better than you needing advice because we caused you to be in last place!) Anyways, I like Antonio Bryant this week. Both players have decent match-ups, but the quarterback situation in St. Louis scare me right now and I’d prefer to stay away from their receivers for now.

Shane asks…

Royal looks to be back…sort of…but Knox has been clutch…who do you like this week, Knox or Royal?

Brandon’s take: I’d stick with Knox until Royal can show some consistency and/or find the endzone. If your league awards points for return yards, then Knox is a no-brainer.

Pinwiz asks…

I’m in a QB dilemma. I started the season with Kurt Warner and Jason Campbell, and then picked up Kyle Orton last second after they went 4-0. I’ll be able to settle on a QB over the next two weeks as more scores roll in, but who would you recommend I use this week? Obviously the battle is between Warner and Orton (although Campbell is playing the Chiefs). Thoughts?

Brandon’s take: Not sure if you noticed yet, but I actually just put Kyle Orton on my Miss list (replacing Philip Rivers), so you know where I stand on him. As for the other two guys, Campbell has a great match-up, while Warner plays one of the better pass defenses in the league. That being said, I’d still go with Kurt Warner, who seems to be fully healthy for the first time this year and should do alright against his division rivals.

Zack asks…

I have Tom Brady and Matt Ryan as QBs. I haven’t benched Brady all season but Ryan has out scored Brady a few times. I was considering trying to trade Brady since Ryan has passed his bye week. What do you guys think? I’m kinda week at RB since I drafted Lynch and L. White as my primaries. I’ve dropped L. White and have been using L. Washington and A. Bradshaw. Thanks.

Brandon’s take: With those two as your quarterbacks, I see no reason why you wouldn’t want to trade one of them for an upgrade at another position. I think Brady makes the better play this week though, so maybe use him now then trade him when his value is higher? Make sure you can pick up (or trade for) a decent back up though as you don’t want your replacement to be Trent Edwards or someone like that though.

Allen asks…

Do I start Walter, Harvin or McCoy this week in a PPR league? Ocho or JJ in another PPR?

Brandon’s take: Although he didn’t do a whole lot last week, I like LeSean McCoy this week against the Raiders. Oakland will be watching McNabb and the dynamic Eagles receivers all day, which should open up some room for both Brian Westbrook and McCoy in the running game. As for Ochocinco versus Julius Jones (is that the JJ you’re talking about?), go with Ochocinco for sure.

Brad asks…

Should I trade S Smith (CAR) for LT? I have D-Will Moreno RRice KevSmith, DBowe DDriver TO. Or offer other RB? THX!

Brandon’s take: I would NOT do this trade if I were you. You need depth at the WR position more than at running back. DeAngelo Williams should improve over the next few games and Moreno/Rice/Smith are solid based on match-ups. Stick with what you got. Maybe you even want to trade a running back for an upgrade at receiver, but it depends on how many of each you start each week.

David asks…

Hey guys, love your site. Many thanks. I’m stuck between an under-performing rock and a #2 hard place this week. Should I start Brandon Jacobs over Leon Washington? Neither is a great option, but my other choices are Willie Parker and Darren McFadden, and I’m obviously not starting either of them. (My RB1 is MJD. That’s not relevant, of course, but I like to brag when I get the chance…) Jacobs is up against the Saints (will the G-Men try to keep Brees off the field by running? I know I would) and Washington is against the Bills (and behind T. Jones). Thanks!

Brandon’s take: Actually, I’d keep an eye on the health of Rashard Mendenhall going into the weekend, because if his illness keeps him out of the game or makes him less than 100%, you could see a heavy dose of Fast Willie Parker against a bad Cleveland run defense. If Mendenhall seems fine on game-day though, then I’d go with Brandon Jacobs who should be out to prove the doubters wrong and hopefully to get a few goal-line carries!

Matt asks…

I’m in a bind. I have Reggie Bush and Lesean McCoy this week and I can’t figure out who to start. I’m leaning towards McCoy after what Bradshaw did to Oakland last week. What do you think?

Brandon’s take: Go with your gut…McCoy should have a solid game against the Raiders, who have been abused by the running game all year.

JT asks…

QB: Hasselbeck or Schaub?
3 RB: Moreno + Portis, Tomlinson, or Rice.

Brandon’s take: Hasselbeck plays one of the worst pass defenses, while Schaub plays one of the better defenses in the league. Go with Hasselbeck (especially after last week’s performance!) As for your running backs, go with Moreno, Portis and Rice.

TJ asks…

First, the RBs (start 2, up to 5 on roster):
I have S Jackson, Hightower, T. Choice, M Bell, & Sammy Morris. Available on FA are: Sproles, Leon Washington, R Bush, M Bush, Harrison . Who would you guys suggest to both start this week and/or grab to upgrade this group for later?

Next, TE (start 1): Can get Finley, Heap, or K Winslow to fill in for Witten this week, and Witten hasn’t exactly been stellar. Who’s the best for this week, and is it worth keeping 2 TEs after week 6?

WRs: (start 2, up to 5 rostered)
Have Smith (NYG), Sims-Walker, Welker, Holmes, Maclin. Thinking MSW with either Welker or Smith – which do you think? Also: A Gonzalez, M Austin, Collie, Avery, Massaquoi all available on FA – any advice for who to pick up/drop/keep going forward? I’d like to at least part with Holmes soon…

My D/ST choices for the week are: SF, DEN, GB, CIN, SEA, ATL, & remaining bottom feeders……having a hard time with this, leaning towards GB vs DET.

Appreciate any advice you guys can throw out there, thanks in advance!

Brandon’s take: For your running backs, I’d start Steven Jackson and Leon Washington (probably safe to drop Tashard Choice as he’ll be the third string RB on the team after their BYE week.)

At tight end, play Kellen Winslow with Witten out (although Finley makes a high risk, high reward play as well.) I’d carry Winslow and Witten if possible, as they’re both great tight ends and both can be swapped depending on the match-up. Just a side note, Winslow leads all tight ends in touchdowns (4) and is second in total scoring, only behind Dallas Clark.

For your receivers, go with Steve Smith (NYG) and Mike Sims-Walker, although your other guys have pretty solid match-ups as well. Keep Santonio Holmes for a week or two to see if he can start producing, but if he continues to put up mediocre numbers, then you might consider one of those free agents.

Finally, for your defense this week, you might actually think of playing Atlanta at home against the Bears…maybe Cutler will have another four interception game. Either way, Chicago’s offense hasn’t lived up to their billing yet this year and the Falcons defense has been better than expected. Green Bay against the Lions isn’t a bad choice either, but Detroit has managed to score some points this year and the Packers defense hasn’t done anything spectacular. By the way, the 49ers are on a BYE this week, so make sure not to start their defense!