Ask the Geeks – Week 7: Game-time edition!

Here are the rest of the Ask the Geek questions for the week. As we’re approaching fantasy football’s mid-season, it’s getting more and more important to make the right decisions regarding your starting line-up each week and hopefully we can provide some help (or at least some peace of mind!) Remember, if you have any more line-up questions before game-time, leave them as comments on our posts and we’ll try to answer them all the way up until the games start…after that it’s up to the fantasy football gods. Good luck!

Erin asks…

Is it ok to play 3 players from the same team? (Laurence Maroney RB, Randy Moss WR, Stephen Gostkowski K)

My only available bench is Larry Johnson RB

my RB that I am playing (are) Leon Washington, Donald Brown, Laurence Maroney

Brandon’s take: There is absolutely no problem with playing three players from the same team if they’re Maroney, Moss and Gostkowski…especially this team against Tampa Bay! Honestly, I really don’t have much of a problem playing three players off a good offensive team, unless they’re three WR’s (or two running backs.) Even at wide receiver, if you played the Giants’ Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, and Hakeem Nicks, or B) the Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald, Anquan Boldin and Steve Breaston, I may not object to it unless you have some other guys on your bench that you should be starting instead.

JD asks…

Who to start? I need 2. Ronnie brown, Frank Gore, Ahmad Bradshaw and Lawrence Maroney

Brandon’s take: Although Laurence Maroney has a great match-up this weekend, I think you need to stick with your main men…Ronnie Brown and Frank Gore.

Megan asks…

I really need help, should I start Jeremichael Finley or Heath Miller??? Both great, but which one should I start! Thanks!

Brandon’s take: Go with Heath Miller, as he’s playing the worst team in the NFL against the tight end position (fantasy points-wise.) He’s also on my “Hit” list this week!

Matt asks…

I’m wondering if I should start Roy Williams or Micheal Crabtree. I also have Benjamin Watson as an option to fill my final slot. What do you guys think?

Brandon’s take: That’s a tough one, as I would normally say Roy Williams for sure, but he’s not a lock to even play this weekend. I’d try to watch ESPN tomorrow morning to see if he’s playing or not and if he is, get him in your lineup. If not, I’d go with Benjamin Watson, as I don’t trust Crabtree enough until he has at least a game or two under his belt.

Anthony asks…

Last week was a huge win, thanks to you guys! I have a WR problem I need to start 3. I have Steve Smith (NY), Donald Driver, Miles Austin, Dwayne Bowe, Austin Collie.

Brandon’s take: Hi Anthony, go with Smith, Driver and Bowe.

Brad asks…

Pick one: S Smith (Car), Jon Stewart, Austin Collie. I’m starting D-Will so I’m wary of putting too many Carolina eggs in one basket.

Brandon’s take: Yeah it’s risky since their offense hasn’t been all too consistent as of late. They’re all a pretty big gamble too, but I might go with Austin Collie. The Rams defense is bad and you know Peyton will be getting all of his receivers involved. I’d normally say Steve Smith for sure, but he’s been non-existent as of late.

Luke asks…

Hey there, I have a problem this week, a good one to have I suppose with the players I have. I have to pick two RBs from the following:

Deangelo Williams

Ronnie Brown

Joseph Addai

and two WRs from the following

Larry Fitzgerald

Chad Ochocinco

Greg Jennings

Im in a PPR league, with points only for big yardage, so really its all about the TDs. Thanks

Brandon’s take: At running back, go with Ronnie Brown and DeAngelo Willaims for sure. For your wide receivers, go with Larry Fitzgerald and Chad Ochocinco.

James asks…

So far you guys have been a great help. This week I have Sims-Walker on a bye. Cotchery and Boldin too iffy to trust. I am starting Roddy White and taking a long shot with Lee Evans if Fitzpatrick is at QB. The bigger problem is at RB. I just have to start Turner even if he is banged up. But my other choices are Marshawn Lynch, and Donald Brown, Since Moreno is on a bye. I also am starting Olsen over Shiancoe although it is a tough decision. The real input i need is for my RB2. Please let me know what you think. and also about my other Roster Positions. My team is 2-4 and trying to win the rest of my games. Hey but at least my wins were against top ranked teams thanks to you guys. Let me know what you think. Thanks

Brandon’s take: It’s unfortunate that Anquan Boldin will be a game-time-decision, as I think he’d be a much better play than Lee Evans. At running back tough, go with Marshawn Lynch. The Panthers defense hasn’t been great against the run this year and the Bills should be running it all day with Fitzgerald at quarterback.

Ben asks…

I am in a big play league, in which RB get only 1 pt. for every 25 yrds, but pts double for runs over 50 yards. I have been offered Thomas Jones for Chris Johnson. Jones has put up 59 pts this year and CJ 58. But 41 of CJ’s pts came in his one game at HOU. Besides that game he is only averaging round 4 pts a game, while Jones is closer 9 pts. Seems like CJ’s his fantasy value had declined considerably. Do you think this is a worthwhile trade or should I stick with Jones? Thanks

Brandon’s take: I’m assuming that Thomas Jones got all his points based on his touchdowns, because he also racked up most of his yardage in a game or two. I guess since your league is so touchdown-heavy, T-Jones is probably a better play. Chris Johnson racks up the yardage, but even if the Titans can find their way to the goal-line, it’ll probably be LenDale White that gets the carries. I’d make this trade.

Jason asks…

Now that my team is all (finally) healthy and playing, I’m not quite sure who to start this week. I’m in a league that lets you start 2 RB, 2 WR, and one RB/WR and no PPR. My options at those spots are:

– Joseph Addai

– Pierre Thomas

– Steve Slaton

– Felix Jones

– Reggie Wayne

– Steve Smith (NYG)

– Lance Moore

– Percy Harvin

Right now, I’m leaning toward Addai, Thomas, Wayne, Smith, and Moore. Any reason I should play Slaton in this situation? he’s killed me so far ….

Brandon’s take: If your league awards a point for each rushing yard, then I actually think Steve Slaton is a better play than Lance Moore, even if he did rekindle his chemistry with Drew Brees right away last week. Slaton has rushed for around 50-60 yards each week, while also receiving a solid amount (102 yards and a score receiving last week!)

Rob asks…

Hey guys: Well, so far you have helped me to a 5-1 record and total points-so far. let us not stop now! once again i have to make a tough choice and i can always flip a coin but we all know what that will result in. so, i have to pick two of the following running backs to use this weekend. I have steven jackson, cedric benson, ronnie brown and marshawn lynch to choose from. Also, who would you use between matt schaub or the other matt ryan. as always, thanks and good hunting rob

Brandon’s take: Hey Rob, for your quarterback, stick with Matt Schaub, who is tearing it up right now. At running back, Ronnie Brown and Cedric Benson are your men. Good luck…I see 6-1 in your near future!

Mike asks…

Hey Guys, in a 10 team non ppr league, I have Chris Johnson on a buy this week. I’m starting Steve Slaton as my #1 RB. I need one flex player. My options are Leon Washington vs Oak, Ahmad Bradshaw vs AZ, Desean Jackson vs Was, Mario Manningham vs AZ or Lance Moore vs MIA. Who should I use as my flex this week? Thanks!

Brandon’s take: Wow, that’s quite a crew to fill your flex spot! You sure you can’t play any of them in the RB or WR spots? If you can only play one though, go with DeSean Jackson, who has put up great numbers over the few games (just forget about that little week 5 debacle!)

Wolf asks…

Considering I am very strong at WR and am now just looking to squeeze the most points out of the best matchup… who do you think.. Vincent Jackson @KC or Steve Smith (NYG) vs. Arizona? The way I look at it..Smith splits a lot of the carries and could either have a moderate game or a great game (some touchdowns). Jackson gets the long balls and might pull off a touchdown or 2.. so his mediocre game will be below Smiths, but his great game could be 100+ yards and a pair of touches…What do you guys think?

Brandon’s take: Go with Vincent Jackson, who has less guys to compete with for completions and has been solid all year.

Tom asks…

Packers Defense or Colts Defense and, while you’re at it, Donald Brown (flex) or Lance Moore (flex)?

Brandon’s take: Colts and Lance Moore.

TJ asks…

Hey guys, love your stuff, you helped me a ton last week – scored the second highest point total (unfortunately I happened to play the team with the highest point total, so bad luck there, but your advice was golden)

RB: Need 2, from Maroney, Choice, L. Washington, S-Jax, M Bell. Hightower still available in FA…. don’t entirely trust Maroney, but he & Washington have decent matchups – what do you think?

WR: Need 2: Smith(NYG), Hicks, Welker, S Rice are mine. I’m thinking Smith & Welker……. would considering a swap of any of these for Collie, Breaston, Hester, or Austin be an upgrade? (also have MSW on bench)

TE – big dilemma here. Have Witten and Finley, but Shiancoe (and Winslow too) available in FA. Can’t decide whether it’s worth picking up Shiancoe for one of these….. Witten has not been worth his draft pick this year

D/ST – I’m good with GB as my flavor of the week, who do you like going forward? ATL, BAL, BUF, CIN, SEA, OAK, DAL are left.


Brandon’s take: At running back, go with Laurence Maroney and Steven Jackson. For your wide receivers, go with Smith and Welker, as you mentioned. Go with Jason Witten at tight end, as I have a feeling he’s going to have a big week against the Falcons. Finally, for your defense/special teams, you really have to decide on a week by week basis…keep Green Bay for now.

E-Roc asks…

Keep up the great work. I want to know… who is this year’s DeAngelo Williams? Who’s going to turn the tide during playoff time?

Brandon’s take: How about DeAngelo Williams himself?! After that last game there is hope that he can get back in the groove. However, I mentioned the following players to reader “apk” as guys to watch out for in the playoffs: Adrian Peterson, Chris Johnson, Rashard Mendenhall and Brandon Jacobs (going out on a limb with this one!)