Ask the Geeks – Week 7: Start Michael Crabtree?

Here is our first round of Ask the Geek questions for week seven. Remember, you can ask the geeks here or simply leave your questions as comments on our posts and we’ll try our best to respond to them as soon as possible.

Greg asks…

I have a huge conflict here. I know this should be an easy choice. I have to choose between Sidney Rice & Micheal Crabtree? Rice had a couple great games lately….I would assume they are gonna work Crabtree alot. Who do I start?

Brandon’s take: Ummm, DEFINITELY start Sidney Rice. Did you see his numbers last game (six catches for 176 yards?!) Even against the Steelers, Rice will get more looks and playing time, along with better fantasy stats than an unproven, hold-out receiver who has only had a few weeks to learn the teams offense.

Shane asks…

I have Edwards, Manningham, and Miles Austin…I can start 2…Austin and Edwards? I am worried about Oakland’s DB’s…thoughts?

Brandon’s take: I’d go with Braylon Edwards and Mario Manningham. I need at least one more big game from Miles Austin before I believe he’s the real deal, especially if Roy Williams returns this week.

Greg asks…

Do I accept a Trade Marshawn Lynch for Ryan Grant? I have had Grant all season so far and he hasnt produced much. However, He is playing my Browns this week which I hate to admitt can be a great fantasy day for him. Lynch will prob split carries…What do I do?

Brandon’s take: Keep Grant. Lynch will split carries with Fred Jackson all year, while Ryan Grant shoulders the load for Green Bay. Neither will be a top-tier RB this year, but I think Grant has the most value long term.

Wolf asks…

Which TE do you think is going to perform better this week and why…

Brent Celek @Was
Shockey @Mia
Owen Daniels vs SF

And who do you think has more value down the road come playoff time?

Brandon’s take: All of those guys make for good options, but I’d go with Owen Daniels, who has been on fire lately and is Matt Schaub’s second favorite target after Andre Johnson.

Matt asks…

Should I (start) Jeremy Maclin or Roy Williams over Steve Smith (CAR)? Also, Bradshaw or Barber? Thanks

Brandon’s take: Jeremy Maclin is intriguing, but he’s liable to put up another poor performance like last week. Go with Steve Smith and hope his complaining means more passes his way. As for your running back, I’d go with Marion Barber.

Mark asks…

I have two running back slots in a non-PPR league and I’m not sure which two to start: Ahmad Bradshaw, Carnell Williams, and/or Tashard Choice. I like Williams chances this week against New England, but I’m curious what you all would do.

Brandon’s take: I’d go with Bradshaw and Williams, since you probably won’t know if Choice is Dallas’ second or third running back until game time. However, I don’t think Cadillac will do all that much against the Patriots, as the Bucs will be down early and will be throwing the ball all day.

Edwin asks…

Hello, I have a question about my running backs. I have Frank Gore and I really want to start him but I also have Fed Jackson (Buf) and Steven Jackson (Stl.). Only 2 RB positions, who should I sit? On another team, I have Leon Washington, Reggie Bush, Correll Buckhalter and hoping I get Maroney and it is 2 RB positions with Flex.

Brandon’s take: In the first league, go with Frank Gore and Steven Jackson, as Marshawn Lynch will get the bulk of the carries this weekend. In the second league, go with Maroney (if you got him,) Bush and Washington, as Buckhalter is on a BYE anyways.

Anthony asks…

Hi, currently, I have Rivers, MJD, and Ronnie Brown as my main offense, and I need an elite WR. I have MSW, but even though he’s good, I don’t want to have two players on the same team, so I’m thinking about trading him. Do you know who has about the same value as him, or a player someone is willing to trade for him?

Brandon’s take: If I were you I would just keep Sims-Walker, as he’s been very consistent and there is really no reason to worry about having both a running back AND wide receiver from the same team. Both he and MJD have bee producing for your team and isn’t that what you want from them? If you still insist on trading him, receivers putting up similar numbers include: Brandon Marshall, Chad Ochocinco, and DeSean Jackson. Derrick Mason is close as well, but I don’t like him as much as the others listed.

Ken asks…

Hey guys–Let’s paint my Sunday picture…Saints are going for it on 4th down on their first drive from the 1-yard line…out goes the Cruiser, in comes Mike Bell for a score. “Mike **bleeping** Bell!”, I echoed. What’s the deal here? Here’s my roster. As you can see, I’m loaded with Saints, and I want another big-time WR. I’ve got Roddy White on my radar for a possible trade. I had Randy Moss but after today someone would be a moron to trade him. Is it time to shop Mike Bell and lose my insurance policy on PT? I feel like now (especially for some teams in my big money league who need RB’s) I can get something for either Jamal Lewis Appreciate the help. Thanks!

Drew Brees (QB)
Wes Welker (WR)
Derrick Mason (WR)
Lance Moore (WR)
Kevin Walter (WR)
Eddie Royal (WR)
Ronnie Brown (RB)
Pierre Thomas (RB)
Mike Bell (RB)
Jamal Lewis (RB)
Brandon Jacobs (RB)
Minnesota (DEF)
John Carslon (TE)
Lawrence Tynes (K)

Brandon’s take: I think the addition of Roddy White to your team would be great and much needed, but I can’t imagine you get a whole lot of value for Mike Bell. I don’t even know any managers who would trade White for Bell and Jamal Lewis combined. What kind of trade are you looking to put together for Roddy White?