Ask the Geeks – Week 8: Boo!

Here are the rest of the Ask the Geek questions for the week. With the organization of a Halloween party in the works, I most likely won’t be getting to any more questions today (maybe Matt will), so in advance I wish everyone the best of luck! Anyways, let’s get to your inquiries…

AO asks…

I can start 2 recievers in addition to Andre Johnson and to pick from I have:

Sidney Rice
Mario Manningham
Micheal Crabtree
Devin Hester

I am feeling Hester against the Browns and Sidney Rice as a more consistent producer with the long ball likely. Thoughts?

Brandon’s take: Go with your gut. Manningham is fighting an injury right now and Crabtree is still a wildcard (especially against a solid Colts defense. Start Rice and Hester with confidence.

Adam asks…

I currently have the Giants. They have a bye in two weeks, so I’ll have to swap them out at that time anyway. Should I drop them now and pick up either Indy or San Diego this week (both available FA)? Thanks!

Brandon’s take: At this point, you might as well just start playing a different defense based on the match-up each week. San Diego has a great chance to put up solid numbers against JaMarcus Russell and the Raiders this weekend…go with them.

Ravi asks…

Hey guys, wanted some opinions on who should get my FLEX start, I have Thomas Jones as RB1, Colston and Fitzgerald as WRs, while FLEX is up in the air between Sims-Walker, Greg Jennings, and Steve Slaton.

I’m leaning towards Jennings since Rodgers is my QB and the Vikings are 20th in passing. Jennings isn’t performing up to his potential but I think he’s due at home against the Vikes.

Brandon’s take: Wow, those are some great options you have there. I love Sims-Walker’s match-up with the Titans this weekend, but I can’t see how you sit Slaton after the numbers he’s put up the past two weeks. He’s not rushing for a great average, but he’s getting chances in the redzone and Schaub is using him a lot in the passing game. Go with Slaton.

Mike asks…

Start Tony Romo or Joe Flacco?

Brandon’s take: Romo for sure. Flacco is playing one of the top defenses in the NFL and Tony Romo has been on fire ever since The Miles Austin show began.

Jake asks…

Hello, I’m in a 3 WR league and I have D.Driver, M. Sims–Walker, H. Nicks, and P. Harvin. I don’t know who to bench. Maybe H. Nicks?

I also have I also have R. Bush, J. Jones, C. Buckhalter, and B. Wells. Can you rank them to start from 1-4?

Brandon’s take: I’d bench Harvin out of that WR group. As for your running backs, I’d put them in this order: Wells, Bush, Buckhalter, Jones.

Jason asks…

I’m in a 10-team keeper league and was offered the following trade: Greg Jennings ($18 through 2011) for Brandon Jacobs ($17 through 2010).

I’m 1-6 this year and am looking at one of the top 2 picks next year, either Peterson or MJD, and I’ll have Ray Rice and Donald Brown on my roster next year. The receivers I’d be keeping next year are Steve Smith (Car) and Anthony Gonzalez. Do you think Jennings is going to get back to the same level he was the past 2 years, or should I hold on to Jacobs through next year? Thanks for your help.

Brandon’s take: I think Jennings has a lot more potential over the next few seasons. Jacobs might not even be the best running back on his own team and who knows how the carries are going to be dispersed in the future. You know Jennings will be Aaron Rodgers main target for years to come.

Adam asks…

I have a good feeling about Austin Collie, but I’m worried about Gonzalez’s return. Collie is a FA in my league. Should I pick him up? The only player I think I am willing to drop for him is Eddie Royal. Good idea? Thanks!

Brandon’s take: Yeah, I think it’s safe to make this move, even when Gonzalez returns.

Ryan asks…

I got offered Big Ben for Roddy White…I currently have Warner as my QB and i have ocho cinco wes welker and roddy white starting at WR… i have hester on the bench if i get rid of roddy white…what should i do?

Brandon’s take: Why do you need Big Ben if you have Warner? Keep White so you have Hester in case of an emergency or BYE.

Mads asks…

Hi geeks, I am in a very competitive 12 team 2 QB league, and with Brady on a bye, I need to start either Delhomme or Culpepper?

We get a deduction for sacks and ints, so I wonder whether to just leave the spot empty, rather than getting -4.

What do you geeks recommend?

Brandon’s take: Hah, wow that is quite a predicament you have yourself in there. It looks like Culpepper isn’t even starting actually and Matt Stafford is likely to get the ball for the Lions. Is he available? Otherwise, I’d just start Delhomme and hope he can throw for a few touchdowns. Starting no quarterback has to be the riskier play I think.

E-Roc asks…

I have become the King Midas of dropping players that turn to gold (Week 7: Ricky Williams & Nicks).

Anyway, in the RB2 slot, should I go with Kevin Smith (v. the hornless Rams) or Thomas Jones (v. MIA) who’s also been on a tear for the last few weeks…?

At WR, I’m starting Wayne & SSmith (NYG); who to start at WR3? TJ Whosyomama or SSmith (CAR)? Jake Delhomme is TERRIBLE… Derek Anderson/Jamarcus Russell TERRIBLE!

Thanks! I need a win this week!

Brandon’s take: Go with Housh over Steve Smith at wide receiver. As for your running back, I think you have to go with Thomas Jones, even if he has a tougher match-up. The Jets running game has been unstoppable lately and you don’t want to bench him until they stop.

Brad asks…

You guys are super helpful. I’m in a 10-team league asking for: Benson or D Williams (plus Harvin or S Smith) for (D Clark or Boldin) and (Barber or P Thomas)?

Fair? Good for me? Him?

His best WRs are Driver/Harvin. I have M Austin too. Thanks!

Brandon’s take: Which Steve Smith are we talking about? I like Benson/Williams and Steve Smith (NYG) for any combo of the guys you mention, but not so much the Carolina version of Smith.

Ron asks…

Hello, I need serious advice, any help appreciated! I recently took over first place and would like to do well this week as my opponent is a close second in points and matches my record at 5-2. My dilemma; who to start at WR and RB?

My FFB league allows 1 QB, 3 WR’s, 2 RB’s 1 TE, 1 K and 1 D/ST.

My team is as follows … I need two WR’s and 1 RB and am unable to decide. Any insight here?

QB / Payton Manning – Starting

WR / Mike Sims-Walker – Starting
WR / Calvin Johnson – ?
WR / Hakeem Nicks – ?
WR / Austin Collie – ?
WR / Michael Crabtree – ?
WR / Devin Hester – ?
WR / Dwayne Bowe – Bye

TE / Vernon Davis – Starting

RB / Adrian Peterson (Min) – Starting
RB / Ricky Williams – ?
RB / Mike Bell – ?
RB / Rashard Medenhall – Bye

K / Neil Rackers – Starting

Def / Eagles – Starting

Thanks man, Ron

Brandon’s take: At wide receiver, go with Nicks and Megatron (if he plays.) Otherwise, if it looks like there is a good chance Johnson will not play, go with Hester in his spot.

At running back, go with Ricky Williams over Mike Bell for sure. Good luck!