Ask the Geeks – Week 9: What's the deal with Steve Slaton? 

Before we get started with the questions, I just wanted to remind everyone that we’re running a contest for a $50 gift card, which you can win by simply picking the quarterback who will score the most fantasy points this week. Make sure to head over and make your pick before the games start this weekend!

Anyways, here is our first round of Ask the Geek questions for week nine. Remember, you can ask the geeks here or simply leave your questions as comments on our posts and we’ll try our best to respond to them as soon as possible. Our first question focuses on a common topic of this week…what is the deal with Steve Slaton?

Will asks…

Like many I was victimized by the Steve Slaton benching (Thanks Gary Kubiak!). Should I stick with Slaton this week against the Colts or should I try Julius Jones against the Lions?

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