Ask the Geeks – Week 11: Thursday Night Football edition

With another Thursday Night Football game quickly approaching, it seemed like a good time to get to the first batch of Ask the Geek questions that have been piling up. As usual, you can leave your inquiries here or leave them as comments on this post!

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James asks…

Getting close to end of regular season and i am going to be one of those teams fighting for a playoff spot. This week is a must win for my team. But i lost Turner for this week(hopefully only 1 week,) I am starting Cutler, Colts D. and Olsen @ T.E. I need help deciding on 2 RBs and 2WRs.

WR Options= Sims-Walker, Boldin, Evans, and Roddy White.
RB Options= Jamaal Charles, Jamal Lewis, Knowshon Moreno, and Justin Forsett.

Please let me know who you would expect to be the most productive lineup this week.

Brandon’s take: Hey James, although he’s been one of my favorites this year, you might sit Mike Sims-Walker this week, as he has a tough match-up with a solid Bills pass defense. Anquan Boldin is a great play against the Rams and Roddy White will get plenty of looks from Matt Ryan. As for your running backs, go with Knowshon Moreno against a weak Chargers run defense, and (I can’t believe I’m saying this) Jamal Lewis, who plays a Lions team that has been abused by opposing running backs as of late. Good luck!

E-Roc asks…

I’m starting Mighty Mouse v. MIA on Thursday… so please pick 1 (PPR league):

S.Smith (NYG v. ATL)
TJ Housh (SEA @ MIN)


Brandon’s take: I’d go with Steve Smith. Although Housh had a big game last week, he may find the goings a bit tougher against the Vikings defense. The Giants are coming off a BYE and Eli should be rested and ready to revive his team’s playoff run, starting with a big game for Steve Smith.

Dave asks…

Hey Geeks, Thanks for the great site! I’ve got MJD, Brandon Jacobs and Pierre Thomas. MJD is a no-brainer, but who should I start as a RB2? Tampa Bay is terrible against the run, but on a good day Thomas gets fewer carries than Jacobs. Jacobs has had a rough start, but it’s post-bye and I think the Giants might have figured out that the big man needs to run like one. My gut says Jacobs, my brain says wait and see w/ Jacobs b/c Thomas has a good match-up. What do you guys think? Thanks…

Brandon’s take: Go with your brain, as the PT Cruiser’s match-up with Tampa Bay is too good to pass up. Thomas didn’l look all that good last week against the Rams, but I have a feeling he’ll turn it around this week and put up some decent numbers.

Jake asks…

This is who I have.
L. Fitz
A. Johnson
D. Driver
Roy Williams

L. Maroney
B. Wells
J. Forsett
R. Bush
J. Snelling
J. Jones

2RB, 2WR, 1 Flex.

How would you start these players?

Also, I have Den. as Def., should I keep or pick up? available NE, Ind, Atl, Mia, Jac, Sea. If so, who should I trade?

Brandon’s take: At wide receiver, go with Larry Fitzgerald and Andrew Johnson for sure, with Roy Williams in the flex spot. I’m not loving your running backs, but for your two spots I’d go with the newly acquired Jason Snelling and Reggie Bush. As for your defense, I like both New England and Jacksonville better than Denver, but I’m leaning towards the Patriots to have a big game as they shut down Mark Sanchez and make people forget (at least somewhat) about last week’s heartbreaking loss to the Colts.

Shane asks…

Walter or Evans this week? Also, McNabb or Palmer? Palmer or Farve? (two different leagues) Tomlinson or Forte? Finally, Celek or Winslow? Thanks so much- you guys rock!

Brandon’s take: Hey Shane, I’ll keep it nice and simple: McNabb (over Palmer), Favre (over McNabb…mostly just to spread your risk), LT, and Winslow.

Mark asks…

Looking at both the short-term and long-term, who’s a better option: Fred Davis or Tony Scheffler?

Brandon’s take: In the short-term, Fred Davis is a much more consistent option than Scheffler. However, once Chris Cooley returns, which could be as early as next week, Davis loses most of his value. I’m not a big fan of either at that point and would advise you look for a better option if one exists (Kevin Boss? Dustin Keller?)

Jones asks…

I’m starting 3 RB’s this week. I’m starting Gore and D Williams even though they’re up against decent run D’s. Who would you start in the 3rd spot, Mendenhall or McCoy?

Brandon’s take: Most definitely go with Rashard Mendenhall against the Chiefs.

BiggerThanYou asks…

Hello, my league plays 2RBs 2WRs and a flex RB/WR who should i play between…chris johnson, kevin smith, lesean mccoy, v Jax, megatron, and sims-walker? Thanx!

Brandon’s take: Chris Johnson (obviously!) and LeSean McCoy in the RB slots, with Calvin Johnson, Vincent Jackson and Mike Sims-Walker holding down the WR and flex spots.

Kenneth asks…

Hey guys, thanks foremost for all your advice in the past. I decided to officially send you a question this time rather then just posting on the threads. I’ve lifted my 1 – 5 team up to 4 – 6 after this weeks victory. Im hoping to finish 7-6, but Ive got a huge challnege next week. I’m facing the top scorer in our league. He scored well over 200 points in one week where the average is about 100-120 per week. To make matters worse, some of my top WR have horrible matchups. Sims-Walker is at Buffalo, Hester is at Philly and Jennings is at SF. Chicago and GB both have O-line problems and SF and Philly love to rush the QB. Doesnt look good for hester or jennings. And minus Randy Moss in the first week, Buffalo’s minimized most top receivers fantasy production, so Walker doesn’t even seem like a good choice. Im starting Fitzgerald of course. And then I have a spot for two more WR and 1 flex spot. My choices are the three mentioned, and Steve Breaston. I also have J. Forsett who I could throw in for a flex if I want to take a shot at Jamal Lewis at Detroit as my RB2. But Forsett is up against Minn run defence. Then again he shredded arizona’s supposed great run def. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys. Sorry for the long email. Its a PPR league if that helps. Thanks

Brandon’s take: Hey Kenneth, glad we could help in the past…hopefully we can this week as well! It looks like you’re going to have to put a lot of faith in your wide receivers this week, as I’m going to recommend you still start Mike Sims-Walker and Greg Jennings against tough defenses. I’d actually start Steve Breaston in the flex spot as well over Justin Forsett, as he has a great match-up with the Rams. You’re going to need all-star performances from all of your players this week and Forsett’s match-up with the Vikings isn’t something I’m expecting big things from. So as long as I’m not missing something, I think that means: Larry Fitzgerald, Greg Jennings, Mike Sims-Walker and Steve Breaston, with Jamal Lewis in your RB2 spot (and someone else in the RB1 spot?) Anyways, good luck…you’re going to need it!

Joe asks…

Hi, I need 2 of the 3 RBs this week; Forte, Wells, Scott. Which two should I start? Thanks, Joe

Brandon’s take: Go with Matt Forte against an Eagles team that has been beat up by opposing running backs over the past few weeks. As for your other spot, if Cedric Benson is ruled out for sure this weekend and Bernard Scott gets the start, you need him in their for sure against the Raiders. If Benson plays (or the team names a different starter), then you should go with Beanie Wells, but I think you’ll want Scott in there when all is said and done.