Ask the Geeks – Week 12: Thanksgiving Hangover Edition

Hopefully everyone’s Turkey Day hang-over is gone and all of the Thursday games left your team in prime spots to clinch the playoffs (or a BYE) this week! Here is the last batch of Ask the Geeks for week 12. If you have any last minute questions, feel free to leave them as a comment on one of our posts and hopefully Matt or I (or any of our readers) can get back to you with some advice before game-time. Good luck and may the fantasy football gods be with you!

e-roc asks…

If I win this weekend, I secure a playoff spot and possibly a Bye, so this is pretty huge…

Please pick 2 RB: MJD (@ SF), T.Jones (v. CAR), McCoy (v. WAS).

Please pick 2 WR: SSmithNYG (@ Den), SSmithCAR (@ NYJ), TJHoush (@ StL), Cotchery (v. CAR)

Lastly, D.Bowe is a FA in our league… Would you swap any of my WRs for him? KC finishes Wks 15-17 with CLE, @CIN and @DEN. Thanks!

Brandon’s take: Hey e-roc, hopefully we don’t let you down this week considering the stakes! Anyways, at running back I’d go with MJD and Thomas Jones for sure. They’re the better runners and have better match-ups. At wide receiver, it depends on whether you started Steve Smith (G-Men) or not. If you didn’t, go with Steve Smith (CAR) and Houshmandzadeh. If you already started him though, I think you have to play the match-ups and go with Housh, who doesn’t have to line up opposite Darrelle Revis. As for Cotchery, I just don’t see him scoring a third touchdown in as many weeks, plus, the Panthers have been tough against wide receivers this year. In terms of Dwayne Bowe, I wouldn’t be in a rush to drop any of your current guys for him, as Chris Chambers has proven that he can hold it down in KC and Bowe might get a few less looks than he did pre-suspension.

Patrick asks…

Hey guys. Great blog, been reading every update. Now to the question, I have some choices to make next week and need a little help.

QB (start two):
Farve @ Chi
McNabb @ Was
Rivers @ KC

RB (start one, I have Peterson in my first slot):
Snelling @ TB
Mendenhall @ Bal
Slaton @ Ind


Brandon’s take: Thanks for following us Patrick. Hopefully we can help you out this week. At quarterback it’s pretty much a toss up between Brett Favre and Philip Rivers. The last time the Chargers played the Chiefs though, Rivers threw for 268 yards and three touchdowns, while Favre takes on a Bears team that should be playing with a chip on their shoulder after three straight losses. Go with Rivers as your quarterback. At running back, it looks like Michael Turner will be returning for Atlanta, so Snelling loses a lot of his value. Get Rashard Mendenhall in there, as he should be leaned on a lot this week with Ben Roethlisberger side-lined and Dennis Dixon at quarterback (he has pretty much zero NFL experience.) Good luck!

Matt M asks…

Hi Guys, I need some help at WR. Smith(car), Chambers, Burleson, Maclin, Austin Collie or Coles. I can play 3.

Brandon’s take: You’ll want to play close attention to the injury reports that come out right before the early games, because if Steve Smith plays (it seems to be heading that way), you’ll want him in your line-up. Also, if he plays, Chris Chambers and Nate Burleson are the other two you want. If he doesn’t play though, replace him with Laveranues Coles, who has a solid match-up with the Browns this week.

Rob asks…

happy thanksgiving brandon ok a little easier question for you this time. would you play chad ocho-oh no not again, percy harvin or beanie wells?

Brandon’s take: Thanks Rob, hopefully your Thanksgiving was pleasant and the right players made the big plays for your team. Anyways, today you’re going to want to go with Chad Ochocinco, who should have a solid game against the lowly Browns. Last time he played Cleveland, Ochocinco had two scores on limited yardage. I expect a bunch more yards this time around and another score.