Bonehead Plays of the Week

I just felt like sharing a couple of my less-than-spectacular roster moves this week and give a forum to anyone else who felt like complaining…

In one of Matt and my “League of Champions”, where I have Steve Smith (CAR) as a receiver (so I was already at a disadvantage,) I had the awesome foresight to pick up Titans running back Chris Brown as a plug-in for the week. However, at the last minute I panicked and decided to leave in Jason Snelling instead. Snelling proceeded to score me an excellent -1.2 points! Adding insult to injury, I also had Felix Jones on my bench, but apparently thought the third-string Snelling was the smart play…awesome.

Similarly, in the Blogger League I picked up Bills running back Fred Jackson, but in the end decided to leave him and his two touchdowns on the bench (started Bernard Scott and Chad Ochocinco instead.) I also started Matt Ryan (0.6 points before his injury) in place of the concussed Ben Roethlisberger. Luckily this one didn’t matter much, as our opponent, [cough] Bruno Boys [cough], started Kurt Warner and Mike Wallace, amongst others.