Commenting on

As The Fantasy Football Geek Blog continues to grow, Matt and I are noticing a lot more activity from our awesome readers. On certain posts, we’ve gotten upwards of 40-50 comments and with the current format we use, this means that all those comments show up on the main page ( This may cause some readers a bit of frustration if they’re searching for a specific post that we’ve published. We’ve already mentioned the “Hide Threads” button, which allows you to collapse all comments on the page, as well as added a new sidebar section (“Latest Posts”) that allows you to view the five most recent posts, but maybe this isn’t enough. We’re interested to how our readers feel about our current commenting format and see if anyone had suggestions on how we could possibly improve it. We definitely don’t want to discourage anyone from commenting, so if you feel that hiding comments on the main page will prevent you from responding to our posts, please let us know. Please let us know what you think and thanks in advance for the input!