Fantasy storylines to watch this weekend

Plenty of fantasy intrigue around the league in week 10. Here are a few situations I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on.

Joe Flacco @ Cleveland: Wacko Flacco (sorry) has been shaky lately, so it’ll be interesting to see him take on a team that he played well against earlier in the season (342 yards, 1 TD, 0 INT, 111.8 passer rating in week 3). If Flacco can repeat or improve upon that performance, he’ll reestablish himself as a startable fantasy QB when the matchup’s right.

LeSean McCoy/Brian Westbrook vs. San Diego: How shaky is Westbrook’s ankle? Will McCoy continue to make a convincing case for more touches? Andy Reid just watched the division lead get ripped away from him by the surging Cowboys, so it’ll be interesting to see which running back he favors when push comes to shove.

Matt Ryan @ Carolina: He posted a 122.2 passer rating against the Panthers earlier in the season, so if Matt Ryan is going to revive his season and remain worthy of fantasy consideration, he’ll need to have another game like that one. Oddly similar to Flacco’s situation, actually.

Brett Favre vs. his groin: Here we go again? Favre has been superb so far, but now his groin is acting up and he’s going around saying that it might be “a sign of old age.” It was bad enough that he almost didn’t play in the Green Bay game and was telling Tarvaris Jackson to be ready to play if he had to come out. Sure, he then proceeded to absolutely kill the Packers, and he’s had a bye week to heal up, but as Mike Florio points out, it’s going to be extremely interesting to see how he’s feeling this week. This is uncomfortably reminiscent of the nagging injury situation that ruined his effectiveness last season. Hate to say it, but maybe – not definitely, just maybe – the old man’s just got too much mileage on him to make it through an NFL season.

Buffalo @ Tennessee: You wouldn’t think it, but this matchup of struggling franchises has all kinds of fantasy implications for the rest of the season. Is Tennessee really the worst passing defense in the NFL, as the cold hard numbers currently say they are? Something tells me that Tennessee will win its third game in a row, the defense will have little trouble keeping Lee Evans and Terrell Owens in check, and we’ll finally have to stop thinking of them as a dream matchup for fantasy QBs and WRs.

Also interesting to watch in this game will be the performances of Bills players Marshawn Lynch, Fred Jackson, Lee Evans and Terrell Owens. All of them are approaching now-or-never status in terms of the odds that they’ll be significant fantasy contributors this season, and almost everything will depend on how Trent Edwards looks in his first game back from a concussion. Also, what’s the over/under on Chris Johnson? 175 yards and two touchdowns?

Sorry folks, more to say but no more time tonight. Hopefully I’ll be able to finish up later in the week. In the meantime, which players and games are you keeping an eye on this week?