The Titans are Terrifying

Let’s just make it official: It’s time to throw out everything bad we ever said about the Titans this year. Earlier in the season, we frequently urged you to start your players against their defense and start your DSTs against their offense. No more. The Titans are the scariest team in football right now.

Vince Young’s previously fragile psyche was slowly nursed back to health by four straight solid performances in weeks 7-11, and yesterday’s 387-yard, 0-turnover performance and 99-Yard Drive Heard ‘Round the World prove he’s in a good place now. And he’s not even the best player on the team: Chris Johnson is easily the most dynamic playmaker in the league. (Anyone care to argue with that statement? I don’t even know how you can make a case for anyone else right now.)

Meanwhile, the defense no longer resembles the banged-up, ineffective unit that started the season: Over the past five weeks, the Tennessee D has been the second-best in fantasy football (using FFToday‘s base scoring), and are tied for third in sacks, third in interceptions, 12th in rushing yards allowed, and 16th in passing yards allowed. They’ve only got one really attractive matchup left on the schedule (at home vs. St. Louis in week 14), but they’re still worth picking up if you need DST depth (though it’s obviously not a great idea to start them this week at Indy).

All that said, I won’t be putting in a waiver claim for Vince Young any time soon. That isn’t a knock on him – I’m as impressed as anyone else with what he’s accomplished over the past five weeks – but I think true fantasy relevance is still a couple of years away for Young. He hasn’t had a multi-touchdown game yet this year, has never thrown for more than two TDs in his entire NFL career, and has three games with fewer than 175 yards this season (including a 116-yard performance in week 11). True, he’s capable of making things happen with his legs, but he has only one game this season with more than 30 yards rushing. I’d consider him a borderline QB2 in the week 14 St. Louis game, and that’s about it for this season, unless you’re in a keeper league.