Update: How valuable is Ricky Williams from here on out?

A followup to yesterday’s post on Ricky, where I concluded:

What it all boils down to is this: tonight is huge for Ricky Williams owners. Carolina’s defense is fairly representative of the kind of mediocre opponent Ricky will get to face from here on out. If he goes out there and parties like it’s 1999 (when he was 22), I think we can all agree that he’ll belong in that top tier with the rest of the elite fantasy RBs for the rest of the ‘09 season. If Carolina shuts him down, we’ll know that Ricky can’t hack it on his own, and his owners had better hope the Dolphins can find a free agent capable of doing a halfway decent Ronnie Brown impression for the rest of the season.

22 carries for 119 yards (5.4 YPC), two rushing touchdowns, and two receptions for 19 yards and another touchdown all add up to a pretty convincing argument: Ricky’s an elite RB1 for the rest of 2009. Like I pointed out yesterday, the Dolphins are built to run the ball, and the schedule is very favorable, with zero matchups against tough run defenses until week 17 (PIT).