Ask the Geeks – Week 13: Ochocinco's a Go?

With the first game of week 13 rapidly approaching, here is the first batch of questions. Hopefully our help can clinch a spot in your league’s playoffs…or a first round BYE if that’s an option! Either way, good luck and remember to get in any more of your questions here or leave them as comments on any of our posts and we’ll try to respond as quickly as we can.

Rob asks…

what is the deal with him? has he lost his connection with palmer? i am thinking about leaving him benched regardless of the defense he faces. what do you think of desean jackson’s injury and do you think avant is worth picking up in ppr league?

Brandon’s take: Hey Rob, I love Jason Avant this week, with it looking like DeSean Jackson will be out this week. As for Ochocinco, the Bengals have been running the ball a lot lately, but if they want to get a first round bye in the playoffs, they’re can’t allow another loss like the one to Oakland. I think this week they bring back the passing game and Ochocinco has a solid game. If you have to pick between the two though, I actually like Avant more if Jackson is out. The Eagles throw the ball so much and Avant should get plenty of looks.

Brad asks…

You guys have given me great advice so far. Can you order best to worst, one last time?

I need to win to go to playoffs: D.Clark, S.Holmes, Olsen, Maclin, Boldin
I lose, I’m out: Moreno, D.Driver, Ocho, Meachem, Kevin Smith, Jon Stewart


Brandon’s take: Hopefully you make the playoffs: Maclin, Boldin, Clark, Olsen, Holmes.
Seems you really need to win: Moreno, Ochocinco, Driver, Meachem, Smith, Stewart.

Good luck!

David asks…

This post breaks my heart, but I have to ask, is it time to call the big man a bust? I’ve started Brandon Jacobs throughout the season, and he hasn’t let me down every week, but he hasn’t been anything near the force of nature he was in the past. I’m not just a fantasy owner, I’m a big fan. I love the guy, but with games like last week’s against Denver and rough match-ups like Dallas coming up, I may have to keep him reserved for the rest of the season. I’m a lock for the playoffs in my league, and have a week 14 bye because of it, but in looking ahead, I don’t think I can start Jacobs again this season. Am I wrong? My alternative is Pierre Thomas, who I have benched many a game in the hopes that Jacobs will finally get going. What do you think, geeks? Many thanks for the site, always a great read.

Brandon’s take: Hard to say much good about Jacobs, who hasn’t even rushed for 100 yards once this year! Go with Pierre Thomas, who has a better chance to rack up yards with Brees and the passing game stretching the defense. Maybe Jacobs will kick it up a notch during your playoff run, but don’t hold your breath.

E-Roc asks…

Apparently my team decided to take Thanksgiving off, leaving me with a must-win Week 13 to secure a must-have 1st Round Bye in the playoffs:

WR: (pick 2) S.Smith (NYG), S.Smith (CAR), Cotchery, Avant. Or should I pick up Malcolm Floyd, Kevin Walter or Johnny Knox?
TE: Boss (v. DAL) or Winslow (@ CAR)
DEF: Chargers (@ CLE) or Bengals (v. DET)
IMO Bullet points– S.Smith (NYG) is losing value every weekend; blame Eli’s health… Cotchery value declining with Sanchez (Grade: D!)…. I’m ready to drop Mighty Mouse – he doesn’t play ATL anymore this year.

Brandon’s take: Although Steve Smith (NYG) hasn’t been as great recently as he was in the beginning of the year, I think this is a week you want him in there. He’s already lit up the Cowboys once this year and hopefully can do it again. At the other WR spot, I really like Jason Avant this week with DeSean Jackson likely benched. At tight end, go with Kellen Winslow. Finally, for your defense, I’m liking the Chargers against the Browns this week, even with the Bengals playing the Lions. I think the Browns offensive is the most inept unit in the league at this point.

Patrick asks…

Should i start Tom Brady or Matt Schaub in week 13?

Brandon’s take: Even though it is Tom Brady, it’s hard to bench Schaub after he’s already lit up the Jaguars once this year for 300 yards and three touchdowns.