Ask the Geeks – Week 15: The Saints Go Marching Down!

Another last minute Ask the Geeks this week, but I wanted to get out some Ask the Geek questions before the games started today so people can get closer to bringing home those championship trophies! Remember to leave any other questions you might have as comments on any of our posts and we’ll try to respond if we can.

Mark asks…

Ganther or Fred Jackson? And don’t give me any of that Buffalo bias 🙂

Brandon’s take: As a Patriots fan, you can be assured that there is no Buffalo bias with this pick, but I’d go with Fred Jackson. New England hasn’t been especially great against the running back position lately, giving up over 100 yards to Carolina, New Orleans and the Jets in recent weeks, and this week they’ll be without star run-stopper Vince Wilfork.

Rob asks…

Kurt Warner (or) Matt Schaub in week #15? Both have great match-ups.Who do you like and Why? Thanks.

Brandon’s take: Go with Matt Schaub. Warner is dealing with some health issues (hip pointer, concussion worries,) while Schaub goes against a Rams team that has been fighting the H1N1 virus these past few days. I’m not sure which players they thought had it, but it was disruptive enough to cancel a practice and St. Louis could be a bit distracted.

Tom asks…

i have r moss fitz and austin need 2 to start… my qb is romo and farve aned te is witten

Brandon’s take: Hey Tom, sorry we didn’t get this up before last night’s game. Did you end up playing Miles Austin? If not, it looks like you’ll be playing both Moss and Fitzgerald. If you did though (and you’re probably pretty happy about it,) you’ll need to watch the pre-game reports to see if Fitzgerald is actually playing. If he does, he is a much better start than Randy Moss. If he sits, then obviously you’ll have to go with Moss and hope he can put aside his sulking for a game and put up some decent numbers. Good luck!

Jenn asks…

Hi FF Geek Bloggers, I need some serious advice here. I keep hearing how once one makes the playoffs, one should stick w/ the guys who got one there. However, I really think I had a lot of luck on my side — and Payton Manning — b/c most of my other players have under-performed (i.e. Forte, Jacobs, Housh).
SO — with that said, I need to decide how to set up my line-up this week. I need 2 RBs, 2 WRs, and one flex out of the following:
Brandon Jacobs v Was
Jamaal Charles v Cle
Quinton Ganther v NYG
Chris Jennings v KC

Hines Ward v GB
Kenny Britt v MIA
TJ Housh v TB
Dwayne Bowe v Cle

I don’t play in a PPR league. So RB’s are usually better to use in the flex position. ANY advice here? THANKS in advance for helping me out!

Brandon’s take: I’m not one for all emcompassing rules like “riding the horse that got you here” or something like that. What got you here was the ability to pick the best match-ups each week and make educated decisions. That being said, I think you’ll want to go with Jamaal Charles and Quinton Ganther at running back, with Brandon Jacobs in the flex spot. Even with a soft match-up against the Chiefs, Jennings has to deal with Jerome Harrison and Joshua Cribbs poaching carries, making him a bit of a risky play. At wide receiver, go with Hines Ward and Houshmandzadeh.

Erin asks…

o.k I hv to make up a ton of pts. !!! I am in the hunt for the big trophy !!!

RB> Laurence Maroney, Jason Snelling, Chris Jennings , Shonn Greene ,and Leonard Weaver.
I only need 2 Maroney and ……..

TE Vernon Davis or Brent Celek

WR Randy Moss, Larry Fitzgerald of course and then 1 more , Robert Meachem or Antonio Bryant

DF OK I heard that St. Louis canceled practice on Thrus. due to 6 players having H1N1
SO do I play..Texans D/ST or Broncos D/ST,

Thks again for your help !!! You guys are the best !!!!

Brandon’s take: Erin, I’m in the same boat as you with having to make up a ton of points, with my opponent having Reggie Wayne and Tony Romo already (and Chris Johnson yet to play!) Anyways, at running back you’ll want to pair Maroney with Chris Jennings and hope he can get a piece of the action against a less-than-stellar Chiefs defense. At tight end, go with with Vernon Davis, who plays an Eagles team that is the worst in the NFL against the tight end position in terms of fantasy points allowed. At wide receiver, I guess it depends on whether you started Robert Meachem last night (sorry for the late reply!) At defense, both Houston and Denver make excellent plays this week, as their opposition is starting third string quarterbacks. Go with Houston, as the Rams are dealing with issues at nearly every position, plus the H1N1 worries. Good luck on getting that huge trophy!