FFGeekSmackdown Update

As I mentioned last week, Brandon and I wound up squaring off in the first round of both of our biggest leagues. Heading into the Monday night game, a split looks pretty likely. Both matchups are still technically up for grabs, but Brandon’s in better shape than me overall – his lead in our keeper league is pretty much a stranglehold, and it’s certainly within the realm of possibility that he’ll be able to overtake me in the League of Champions matchup as well.

Keeper league (screenshot): All those years where Brandon kept drafting Brandon Marshall two rounds early just because he had the same name finally paid off. Breaston’s not going to get me anywhere close to the 29 points I need, I think that’s pretty clear. But I’ll probably break the 140-point mark for only the third time this season and still lose.

League of Champions (screenshot): Andre Johnson came up huge; I just hope that plus the 5-7 points Crabtree will probably get me is enough to hold off Gore and Alex Smith. I’d be feeling a whole lot better if I’d started McNabb over Roethlisberger, that’s for sure. This is exactly the kind of decision that will haunt me for years if I lose this one – what the hell was I thinking starting the QB of a team on a downward spiral in zero-degree conditions?!