Thursday Night Football: IND @ JAX

Although everyone probably already knows (but just in case!), the Colts head to Jacksonville to play the Jaguars on Thursday Night Football tonight. For at least this game it seems that Indianapolis doesn’t plan to do sit any of their stars (unless the score gets lop-sided early I assume.) This means it’s pretty safe to keep Peyton Manning, Reggie Wayne and Dallas Clark in your line-ups as usual. I’m not as confident with Joseph Addai though, as he’s had injury troubles in the past and the team may be more apt to get him to the bench early to ensure he’s healthy down the stretch.

For the Jaguars, Maurice Jones-Drew could have a tough go of it, but you can’t really bench him unless you have an running back corps and can replace him. Mike Sims-Walker has a pretty decent match-up with the Colts coming off a game in which they allowed a 21 reception, 200 yard, two touchdown performance to his old UCF teammate, Brandon Marshall. No one else on the roster is really up for consideration, so I’ll leave it at that. Good luck!