Playoff Fantasy Football Options

I’ve never been a huge fan of playoff fantasy football. If real fantasy football is chess, playoff fantasy football is checkers. Or Candyland.

Nevertheless, sometimes you just aren’t ready to let the fantasy football season die. If that’s you, there are a few sites where you can get your fix. If I’m going to spend any time at all on one of these, there’d better be a decent payoff that I can pretend I might win, so I’ve listed the prizes for each here. Playoff Challenge: You compete against all other players for the grand prize (a Super Bowl trip) and a few other prizes ($100 and $50 gift cards to

Sporting News Salary Cap Playoffs: Similar to but with a series of cash prizes for the top teams. $500 top prize.

CBS Sports Playoff Challenge: One $5,000 top prize.

ESPN Gridiron Playoff Challenge: What the hell? The top prize is 3,000 ESPN Winner’s Circle points, which supposedly have a $450 retail value, but can only be redeemed for merchandise in the Winner’s Circle “Rewards Gallery,” which as you’d expect is mostly ridiculous crap you’d never want to own:

"...the central artistic-discursive genre of our time..."?!?! Who writes this shit? Oh, right, Charles Hirschberg. What a douche.

…or wear:

This t-shirt would look especially good in XXXL and worn to the Golden Corral.

with some mind-bogglingly stupid shit mixed in for variety:


The one decent option is an Xbox 360, which can be had for 3,000 points, so I guess that’s decent if you don’t own one and want one (though considering that it’s been out for a long-ass time now, what’s been holding you back?).

Fine, but not worth anywhere close to $450.

It’s worth pointing out, though, that the Xbox package isn’t worth $450 – significantly better bundles can be had for $300 these days.

Anyway, if you play one of these, let us know how it goes. I’ll probably give the league a whirl.