Ask the Geeks: Collecting League Fees

Andrew asks:

Hi, I am trying to set up a FF league with some of my buddies from college. Problem is, we are all located in different places, which makes money collection very difficult. What site do you recommend for our league  so that we could collect the money through a service such as paypal? Thank you for your help.

There are a number of services out there that offer to help with fee collection, but I’ve never felt compelled to use any of them. Collecting league fees can be a pain no matter how you slice it, but I don’t see how a third-party service will make things so much easier that I’d be willing to pay a fee for their service. If you want to give one a try, take a look at WePay, which launched this spring with some venture capital funding and received a positive writeup in TechCrunch.

For the keeper league that I commish, I collect via check or PayPal (which no longer charges any fee for personal transactions) and then dump all the money into a secondary savings account that my wife and I have had forever and never touch. This league has been together for a long time, and guys are always pretty good about getting their fees in before the draft with minimal kneecap-bashing on my part. For a new league, you’ll want to make it abundantly clear that there are repercussions for not getting league fees in on time – for example, you could lock down add/drop privileges for anyone who hasn’t yet paid until they do. Just make sure to clearly define those rules ahead of time, and be obnoxious enough about it so that nobody can claim they didn’t know the rules.