It's aliiiiiive…

After a much-needed break from the fantasy football blogosphere over the offseason, we can’t help but be drawn to all the intriguing noise coming from the NFL this spring. (Shortened preseason schedule? Yes please!) Brandon’s getting married in a month so his time might be a bit limited over the short term, but we’re ready to get this thing going again.

Brandon and I have been talking about a few changes we’re planning on making this season to make the blog more useful to our readers and fun for us to manage. To us, the best part of running this site is the discussions we have with commenters, so we’re going to continue to improve that aspect of the site as best we can. We’re also going to focus more energy on weekly positional rankings – we get so many Ask the Geeks questions along the lines of, “Who would you start this week, Player A or Player B,” and positional rankings would help answer some of those (but not all of them, of course, given flex positions and wacky scoring systems).

So anyway… Vince Young FTW.