Yahoo Fantasy Football leagues open for sign-up

So naturally I had to sign up for a league with a live draft…TONIGHT! The league is named “only the best2”, so the assumption is that I have my work cut out for me. My team name for the year will be Real BrandonMarshall, since Yahoo cuts the name off at 20 characters and Will the real Brandon Marshall please stand up? wouldn’t fit.

At first glimpse, a few of the changes Yahoo! Fantasy Football has implemented this year include:

  • Message Board update e-mail notifications – Could be useful for leagues with very little trash talk, so you don’t have to constantly check when no one is posting any messages. Might end up being annoying for leagues where there is constant chatter though.
  • Emphasis on Team Slogans – For some reason there’s a whole tab devoted to Team Slogan changes, in case you were someone who enjoys that kind of thing. Currently, I have mine set to “Whoop. There it is.” Quoting the classic Jock Jams tune.

I’ll attempt to update this list as I navigate the site a bit more, but will definitely have it updated once the draft is over.

Update: Here’s the draft room. Same as last year if I’m not mistaken…

yahoo draft room