Your top five picks 

As the draft for some leagues has already come and gone (and some are quickly approaching) I was interested to see the kinds of teams people are ending up with. For the moment, let’s just focus on the top five picks for your team, so that people can get a good picture of what the foundation of their team might look like from a given draft position. Just give the number of teams in the league, your pick number, as well as any crazy rule variations that could affect how the draft went (e.g. QB touchdowns worth 10 points, etc.) To get things started, here’s the top five picks from my Yahoo! public league draft a while back:

Number of teams: 12
Draft number: 1
Rules: 2 QB’s (plus you can start another in the flex spot), tons o’ points from QB and kick returners – don’t ask why the league is set up like this…that’s why it’s a public league I guess!

1 (1): Chris Johnson (RB-TEN)
2 (24): Tom Brady (QB-NE)
3 (25): Roddy White (WR-ATL)
4 (48): Jay Cutler (QB-CHI)
5 (49): Joseph Addai (RB-IND)

Probably not the best example 🙂 Anyways, how are your drafts going?