Free 2010 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

While searching for a free cheat sheet online to use as the basis for my own rankings, I realized that most websites don’t put them in a format that is great for using as a draft day list. So, while I was putting together a really quick cheat sheet for reference during my upcoming drafts, I wanted to share it with our readers to use at least as the basis for their own cheat sheets (it’s a Google Docs spreadsheet):’s 2010 Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet

Keep in mind that I threw this together in about half an hour and didn’t take painstaking effort to make sure all of the wide receivers in the 40-60 group (for example) are exactly in the order I’d draft them. Most of the players atop the lists are close to how I would pick them in a standard league though.

If you see anything crazy on the lists that doesn’t make sense or have left out important players, please let me know so I can update it ASAP!