The power of the all-position cheat sheet

Most experienced fantasy football managers organize their cheat sheets like Brandon did here – separate rankings for each position. If you have a good understanding of the relative value of each position, it makes sense to keep things organized this way so you can quickly identify the best player at the position you’re hoping to fill in a given round.

For newbies, however, a combined cheat sheet makes a lot more sense. A co-worker recently asked me for some advice before her first-ever fantasy draft, and I told her to keep it simple and just go by the CBS Top 200 Players list. I told her to simply cross off each player’s name when as they were called and take the highest-ranked player every round until the mid-way point, at which point she should start making sure she had enough players at each position. She promised to “stick the the sheet” as closely as possible.

Here’s the squad she wound up with in her ten-team league with many experienced fantasy footballers (and a few other novices). I envy this team. Deeply.

She had the first overall pick. The round each player was taken in is indicated in parentheses.


Matt Schaub (4)
Alex Smith (12)


Chris Johnson (1)
DeAngelo Williams (2)
Cedric Benson (3)
Cadillac Williams (5)


Miles Austin (6)
Steve Smith (7)
Sidney Rice (8)*
Donald Driver (9)


Visanthe Shiancoe (10)
Zach Miller (11)


Cowboys (13)
Patriots (14)


Lawrence Tynes (15)

* Draft was done before the extent of his health issues were known.

Now obviously she’s got some concerns at WR with Rice’s situation, but aside from that – did she own this joint or what? I give her tons of credit for sticking to the sheet and drafting RB-RB-RB right off the bat, which was probably pretty nervewracking.