Turn on the Boise State game right now 

If you’re anywhere near a television, turn to ABC immediately and don’t read the rest of this post.

If you’re not, here’s what you’re missing: Boise State and Oregon State are engaged in the first football game that I’ve genuinely expected to end with a murder. The intensity level of this game has gone from heated to just plain ugly. A linebacker just threw a sucker punch as the announcers gasped. An unnecessarily brutal hit on Oregon State’s #8 Rodgers, one half of the relatively famous Rodgers Brothers, has left James pacing the sideline with the scariest. look. on his face. ever. asking people where his helmet is (according to the sideline reporter, it was taken from him so he would stop trying to run onto the field) as brother Jacquizz (yes, really) watches him between plays with an extremely concerned look on his face. This is the best game you ever missed.

Update 10:50pm – Yet another nasty injury on the field.