Ask the Geeks – Week 1: Open Forum

With the regular season only two nights away, it’s time to get serious with the answering of questions for the geeks. ย Here’s an open forum to formally post any questions you may have going into week 1. We kick it off with a question that I already responded to by e-mail due to the time sensitivity (he had a draft tonight!) but thought it could help some other people out there. Anyways, ask away!

e-roc asks:

Q1) Does the addition of TJ Housh upgrade Flacco?
Q2) Does the move from SEA to BAL upgrade TJ Housh?
Q3) Is Vincent Jackson worth a late-round pick? Or will he turn out to be this year’s Javon Walker?

Brandon says:

1. Yes, but not a whole lot. Can’t make him a worse quarterback though, can it? ๐Ÿ™‚
2. Not really. He might end up seeing a few less targets now with Boldin and Mason around, but he could find it easier to get open with defenses focusing on those other players, not to mention Ray Rice flying around in the backfield.
3. He’s definitely worth a late round pick. If the Chargers passing game is struggling after a couple weeks, they’re going to want V-Jax back in the starting line-up right away and will make something work. If they trade him, then you have a solid receiver…just on a different team.