Monday night recap: Morals of the (fantasy) story

Jets: Not that you drafted Sanchez anyway, but it’s clear that he doesn’t belong on anyone’s fantasy team. (Ever?) Rex Ryan had plenty of reasons to look depressed at the post-game conference, but weighing most on his mind had to be the reality that his quarterback just isn’t very good, and this is a league that rewards good quarterback play above all else – just look at last year’s Super Bowl teams.

The Ravens defense, despite a secondary with major injury woes, is still a top-notch unit, but there’s nothing good to say fantasy-wise about a Jets offense that mustered only 176 total yards of offense. Owners of Greene, Tomlinson, Cotchery and Keller would be ill-served by trading them now (their value has nowhere to go but up) – but I’m not all that optimistic that things will improve all that much. Until opposing defenses have a reason to respect the quarterback, they’ll be able to focus on stopping the run, and the offense will become incredibly frustrating to watch – trust me, as a Bills fan, I’ve been there. (Still am there.)

Ravens: Joe Flacco didn’t have a great night on paper, but few quarterbacks do against the Jets, and given the Jets’ inability to score on offense, the Ravens had little reason to air it out. Still, the fact that Flacco found Boldin seven times for 110 yards is huge in a game like this. I can’t wait to see what that this offense can do to the Bengals.

Ray Rice owners can’t like seeing the only touchdown of the night going to Willis McGahee, who was given a second goal line opportunity even after he missed a golden chance on a previous down by dancing instead of diving. Guess he’s officially the goal line guy. Sorry, Rice owners.

Chiefs: Hard to believe the Chiefs beat the Chargers and Bowe only had one catch. You can blame the weather, but then how do you explain the night Philip Rivers had?

Jamaal Charles looks ready to pick up where he left off last year – same number of carries (11) as backfield mate Thomas Jones, more than double the yardage (92 yards = 8.4 YPC!).

Oh, and holy crap, Dexter McCluster (video below). Keeper sleeper, ya think?

Chargers: If Philip Rivers can have a big game in a sloppy, rainy loss, he’s a fantasy QB you can count on. Antonio Gates proved to be similarly reliable with 76 yards and a touchdown on five catches. Legadu Naanee (110 yards and a TD) is clearly one to watch, and certainly deserves a start against the Jags’ shoddy secondary in week 2.

Ryan Mathews owners can’t be too happy watching him sitting on the sideline for the team’s final 16 offensive plays after causing a fumble and getting an angry lecture from Rivers. Sproles and Tolbert split the remainder of the rushing workload. At least he’s tweeting positively.