So yeah, that worked out.

Brady came closer to the ceiling I estimated than Vick did to his, but I’m still pretty happy with how things went – especially since I’m likely to win this matchup by 10-15 (the only player still active in this matchup is Addai and I only needed 5 points out of him to win, which he’s already surpassed).

It seems likely that Andy Reid will restore Kevin Kolb to the starting role anyway, but I’m holding onto Vick in both of the leagues I picked him up. The one pictured below is my keeper league, and Vick is suddenly a very intriguing keeper. In redraft leagues, Vick’s value will depend on how Kolb plays – if he comes out firing and is able to keep the quarterback controversy to a low murmur, we may have to forget about Vick in 2010. Somehow, I doubt it’ll play out that way. In any case, one thing’s clear – he’ll be a starter somewhere in 2011 for sure.