User Requested Player Ranks – Week 1

With only two days until the beginning of the 2010-11 NFL season, we’ve already received our first request for our annual Sit/Start post for week 1. While I agree that it’s the right time for some sit and start advice, this season FFGeekBlog is going in a slightly different direction in terms of how we distribute this information.

In the past we’ve limited our sit and start recommendations to a couple players from each position. The reason for this was primarily time constraints, as it would take a long time for us to go through every player in every game and give our thoughts, only to have our readers ignore 75% of those rankings. Because of this I thought up a new idea, where our reader’s Ask the Geeks e-mails and comments contribute dynamically to our rankings for the week.

As you can see below, I’ve kicked off the week’s rankings with the players on my own fantasy teams. You can automatically determine who to start and sit based on where they show on the ranks. As more questions come in (or simply comments with a couple players names listed) we’ll add them to the rankings as soon as possible. The end result should be a player ranking list for each position, listing only the players that our readers care about for the given week. Maybe we end up with nearly all the players at a certain position listed, but at least it will be at a slower rate and will allow us to think a bit more about each player as we add them to the list.

Please feel free to start posting your player questions, along with any questions/comments about this new format. Hopefully it goes well and is something we can have going the entire year. For a permalink to the rankings for the week, view the Google Docs spreadsheet here.