Yahoo! Fantasy Football adds Trade Evaluation

For those of you in Yahoo! fantasy football leagues, you may have noticed that Yahoo has been slowly rolling out new features this season. One of them is the ability to compare your current roster to the available free agents. You can do this from your roster page or from the free agent player list. It allows you to see if there are free agents that are scoring higher than players you currently start, which may encourage you to drop a guy you’re holding on to based on name alone (Brett Favre?) and add someone who is unexpectedly performing great this year (Kyle Orton?)

Anyways, that isn’t even the reason I’m writing this post. The newest feature I found today while proposing a trade is the ability to have Yahoo evaluate your trade. As you can see from the screen shot below, once you pick the players involved in a trade, there is a new button that says Evaluate Trade.

analyze trade

Clicking this button will bring up the trade evaluation screen shown below. Here you see the players involved at the top of the screen, including the fantasy points they’ve scored up to this point, as well as the projected points for the remainder of the season. Below the players, you’ll see the updated roster for a team (click a tab to switch between teams) and the estimated fantasy points for both renditions. At the bottom of the rosters you’ll see the point change for the week based on the trade (in the case below, I would increase by almost 3.5 points.) At the very bottom, you’ll see the estimated point changes for the remainder of the season. Apparently, if I were to do this trade, I’d gain over 16 points throughout the year, while my opponent would actually lose 28 points. Seems like it’s not such a great deal for him, eh?

yahoo trade analysis

While this is pretty spiffy and all, I do worry that it’ll make it even more difficult to execute a trade with someone who is not all that knowledgeable about fantasy football. For example, Yahoo! seems to love Fred Taylor for some reason and expects him to do well this week and beyond. Do you feel the same? I know I don’t! I guess this could allow you to take advantage of an amateur by offering him Taylor in a trade though. Anyways, I’m always a fan of adding more snazzy technology to any of the fantasy football services, so I won’t complain too much 🙂

Anyone else find any new features this year that they wish to share?